General Resources

Here are some resources to help educate chapters and house corporations about life safety matters. There are links to various informative websites and some recommended safety tips.

These safety ideas have been compiled from a variety of sources:

Smoke Detection, Sprinkler, and Fire Alarm Systems

  • Manual fire alarm pull boxes in all hallways and next to all exits
  • Smoke detector in each room
  • Batteries in smoke detectors are changed every six months
  • Hard-wired system is tested monthly/serviced bi-annually by licensed contractor
  • Fire sprinklers installed
  • Sprinklers free from obstruction
  • Main control valve is open
  • Proper pressure reading of the system gauges
  • System inspected annually by licensed contractor
  • Fire detection/alarm system sound at central monitoring service station
  • Self closing fire doors present to reduce potential of rapid fire
  • Fire doors and exits kept clear of stops or obstructions

Fire Extinguishers, Lighting, and Exits

  • At least one extinguisher on each floor
  • Extinguishers in kitchen
  • Extinguishers in laundry room
  • Extinguisher locations accessible and clearly marked
  • Extinguishers are inspected monthly and fully charged
  • Extinguishers are inspected annually by a licensed contractor
  • Emergency escape ladders available on upper level
  • Exits open easily without keys or special device
  • Exterior fire escape adequate, accessible and maintained
  • Emergency lighting system present
  • Emergency lighting tested monthly and inspected regularly

Fire Drills

  • Fire Drills practiced every six months
  • Written fire emergency evacuation escape plan and exterior rendezvous point established, reviewed by members, and posted


  • Campus/City fire marshal inspected building within last six months
  • All recommendations/updates compliant with relevant codes

Miscellaneous Issues

  • Unplug rarely used appliances
  • Dryer vents cleared of lent build-up regularly
  • Combustible materials stored away from ignition sources and in ventilated areas
  • Stairways and hallways free of any obstructions Smoking prohibited in house
  • Prohibit candles and other open flames in sleeping rooms
  • Cigarette butt disposal receptacles provided in designated exterior smoking area
  • Kitchen equipment cleaned regularly
  • Major appliances that produce a heat source and HVAC equipment serviced regularly
  • Fuel containers and gas-powered lawn equipment stored outside or in a properly designed area for such purpose

Informative Websites