Request Certificate of Insurance

In order to expedite your request for a receive a certificate of insurance (COI), please note the following:

  • All contracts and agreements should be in the name of your chapter (e.g. “Omega Omega Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha” or “Omega Omega Chapter”); listing “Pi Kappa Alpha” in an agreement imply the International Fraternity, which is not a party to such agreements.
  • All requests for a COI should be accompanied by documentation (contracts, agreements, etc.) detailing the specific insurance requirements for the chapter; these must be vetted by insurance underwriters.
  • Chapters should allow five business days for a COI to be processed. In order to expedite your request, please ensure all information is complete.
  • Chapters must have a zero balance in order to receive a COI. You may still request a COI with a balance, but please confirm that the balance is paid immediately as this must be completed before a COI can be issued.
Complete this form to receive a copy of your chapter's certificate of insurance.
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