Chapter Marketing Tools

Official Pi Kappa Alpha graphics, guidelines, and best practices for promoting your chapter on campus, online, and on-brand.

PIKE Brand Guidelines

Welcome to Your PIKE Brand

What is branding? In short—it's our reputation. Every interaction with Pikes either adds or detracts from the PIKE brand. Logos and taglines are the visual reminders of who we are—however the experience of being a Pike is what makes a lasting impact on our members and the people around them.

The PIKE Brand Standards Guide (PDF)

Do we conduct ourselves as gentlemen? Are we having a positive impact on our brothers, our campus, and our community? Do we strive for excellence in everything we do? These are the true branding points of Pi Kappa Alpha.

To uphold our brand through communications, use consistent core elements of logo, color, and typography. These help reinforce the image over time of Pi Kappa Alpha and ensure adherence to intent of our founders.

You don't have to guess—we have established visual standards and recommended web and email platforms to help you build the PIKE brand and communicate with the public.


If you have any questions on marketing resources, please email