The True PIKE Experience

College provides an education. PIKE provides the experience. The True PIKE Experience gives members a road-map for life.

A man cannot fully develop without life experiences.The True PIKE Experience program incorporates all aspects of Pi Kappa Alpha and demonstrates what it means to be a True PIKE and live a successful, productive life.

As you become a man and succeed in college, you progress through the different stages of The True PIKE Experience: New Member, Brother Leader, Fraternity Leader and Community Leader.

TPE Progression

Each stage of The True PIKE Experience includes objectives and commitments that engage you in your fraternity, on campus and in the community. A new improved version of the True Pike Experience is being piloted with select chapters. If you want to learn more contact Devon Teixeira at

For questions about PIKE University, contact the Education Officer at 901-748-1868, ext. 1136, or