Why attend PIKE U?

Our founders created PIKE to encourage men to live to a higher standard. We created PIKE U to encourage today’s men to exceed that standard.
The Fraternity’s dedication to personal development and academic success is supported through positive interaction at the chapter level and the Fraternity’s implementation of educational programming under the PIKE U umbrella that provides student members access to important opportunities for the development of leadership and management skills and personal enrichment that helps to undergrad lifelong success.
Anne B. Kerr, Ph.D.
Florida Southern College
All the members of my chapter who attended a PIKE U event were able to bring back not only new knowledge to make the chapter more efficient, but with new ways to improve chapter morale and motivation. By applying the new founded skills to our chapter, we went from being a contender to the champion, earning us the title of best chapter on campus.

My advice for first time PIKE U attendees? Make the most of it. If you come with a group, split up and attend different sessions you are passionate about. Then, bring back all the knowledge and passion back to your chapter. Also, no matter if you are alone or in a group, never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and ask questions.

Corey Rendall
University of Texas at Arlington
Eta Upsilon Chapter

Pay attention to the information being provided to you at PIKE University events because it can be used in your day-to-day life, both personally and professionally. Go in knowing where your chapter stands, as well as, where you want it to go, and you’ll learn the necessary skills to reach success.

Jarrett Way
Epsilon Delta Chapter '13
There is nothing better than wearing that gold sash at graduation. Wearing your cap and gown signifies graduating from college which is a huge individual accomplishment, but what that gold sash represents is graduating from something much bigger than a single university. To me it signifies fulfilling my undergraduate commitment to Pi Kappa Alpha on both a chapter and national level. As a leader you can have all the internal motivation to do great things but what Pike U provides is the tools and direction to put that motivation to its best use. What I learned at Pike U provided me knowledge and connections that will continued to help me become a better brother, a better leader, and a better man. I strongly recommend all brothers to aim for that gold sash, both by participating in local Pike U events and at least once making the voyage to Pi Kappa Alpha headquarters in Memphis.
John Cook
Iota Beta Chapter ‘07
PIKE University is one of the best solutions to apathy among members, rejuvenating guys and giving them a role in the chapter. PIKE U reinforces that a clear vision for your chapter will help you maintain excellence. Creating chapter goals early so that everyone has a clear idea of what you need to accomplish throughout the semester and year.
Deil LaLande
McNeese State University
Lambda Upsilon Chapter
My first summer as an active member attending The Academy. Our chapter was fortunate enough to earn our sixth consecutive Smythe award. This reaffirmed why our chapter works so hard every year, not only for a sense of accomplishment, but also for building leadership qualities and character. All of our members attend at least one PIKE U summit within their first year of membership. This has shown to increase pride in the fraternity and increase the dedication to the International Fraternity post graduation.
Parth Shah
Missouri University of Science & Technology
Alpha Kappa Chapter
[PIKE U] allows my chapter to understand what is out there and the opportunities that can be achieved…considering nothing bad can truly come out of an educational conference with your Brothers across the nation. [PIKE U helped me with] personal development. By attending PIKE U, one can achieve many concepts and educational tools. I have caught myself applying that knowledge to my daily activities. [There are] countless concepts learned from PIKE U that I refer back to and am so thankful I do.
Anthony M. Firetto
Gannon University
Epsilon Upsilon Chapter

For questions about PIKE University, contact the Chief Learning Officer at 901-748-1868, ext. 1136, or pikeuniversity@pikes.org.