Scholarship Funds

The following funds are available to assist your chapter in bringing brothers to Pike University events such as Chapter Executives Conference, Leadership Summits, Convention, and The Academy.

*Updated as of July 18, 2019

Alpha University of Virginia $1,771.00
Epsilon Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University $996.00
Zeta University of Tennessee - Knoxville $1,119.00
Theta Rhodes College $983.00
Iota Hampden-Sydney College $1,915.00
Kappa Transylvania University $0.00
Mu Presbyterian College $270.00
Nu Wofford College $250.00
Xi University of South Carolina $1,165.00
Pi Washington and Lee University $1,717.00
Sigma Vanderbilt University $1,146.00
Tau University of North Carolina $750.80
Upsilon Auburn University $3,701.00
Phi Roanoke College $1,593.00
Omega University of Kentucky $500.00
Alpha Alpha Duke University $1,249.00
Alpha Gamma Louisiana State University $664.00
Alpha Delta Georgia Institute of Technology $1,090.00
Alpha Epsilon North Carolina State University $255.00
Alpha Zeta University of Arkansas $1,848.00
Alpha Eta University of Florida $1,863.00
Alpha Iota Millsaps College $250.00
Alpha Kappa Missouri University of Science and Technology $3,718.00
Alpha Lambda Georgetown College $1.00
Alpha Mu University of Georgia $1,415.00
Alpha Nu University of Missouri $250.00
Alpha Xi University of Cincinnati $1,197.00
Alpha Omicron Southwestern University $1,176.00
Alpha Rho Ohio State University $878.00
Alpha Sigma University of California-Berkeley $1,137.00
Alpha Tau University of Utah $823.00
Alpha Phi Iowa State University $1,835.00
Alpha Psi Rutgers University $500.10
Alpha Omega Kansas State University $5,889.83
Beta Alpha Pennsylvania State University $4,665.50
Beta Beta University of Washington $3,670.25
Beta Delta University of New Mexico $826.00
Beta Eta University of Illinois $600.40
Beta Theta Cornell University $786.00
Beta Mu University of Texas $525.02
Beta Nu Oregon State University $631.00
Beta Omicron University of Oklahoma $457.00
Beta Xi University of Wisconsin $250.00
Beta Pi University of Pennsylvania $8,963.00
Beta Sigma Carnegie Mellon University $556.00
Beta Tau University of Michigan $1,062.00
Beta Upsilon University of Colorado - Boulder $500.00
Beta Phi Purdue University $350.01
Beta Chi University of Minnesota $345.00
Gamma Alpha University of Alabama $1,173.00
Gamma Beta University of Nebraska $1,003.66
Gamma Delta University of Arizona $2,135.00
Gamma Epsilon Utah State University $939.05
Gamma Eta University of Southern California $4,634.00
Gamma Theta Mississippi State University $1.00
Gamma Iota University of Mississippi $954.00
Gamma Kappa Montana State University $1.029.00
Gamma Nu University of Iowa $252.00
Gamma Xi Washington State University $575.12
Gamma Omicron Ohio University $635.00
Gamma Pi University of Oregon $973.80
Gamma Rho Northwestern University $3,358.20
Gamma Sigma University of Pittsburgh $26.00
Gamma Tau Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute $334.22
Gamma Upsilon University of Tulsa $412.00
Gamma Phi Wake Forest University $250.00
Gamma Chi Oklahoma State University $920.00
Gamma Psi Louisiana Tech University $0.40
Gamma Omega University of Miami $500.00
Delta Alpha George Washington University $2,775.00
Delta Beta Bowling Green State University $546.00
Delta Gamma Miami University $3,132.00
Delta Delta Florida Southern College $250.00
Delta Epsilon University of Tennessee-Chattanooga $1,077.00
Delta Theta Arkansas State University $1,062.00
Delta Iota Marshall University $694.50
Delta Kappa San Diego State University $0.00
Delta Lambda Florida State University $250.00
Delta Nu Wayne State University $400.00
Delta Mu University of Southern Mississippi $0.00
Delta Xi Indiana University $2,543.04
Delta Rho Linfield College $250.02
Delta Sigma Bradley University $0.00
Delta Tau Arizona State University $4,556.00
Delta Upsilon Stetson University $695.00
Delta Chi University of Nebraska-Omaha $1,336.00
Delta Psi University of Maryland $973.00
Delta Omega High Point University $250.00
Epsilon Alpha Trinity College $220.00
Epsilon Beta Valparaiso University
Epsilon Gamma Texas Tech University $0.00
Epsilon Delta University of North Texas $2,458.02
Epsilon Epsilon University of Toledo $184.12
Epsilon Iota Southeast Missouri State University $1,240.00
Epsilon Kappa Lamar University $750.40
Epsilon Lambda Murray State University $165.00
Epsilon Nu Georgia State University $648.00
Epsilon Omicron Stephen F. Austin State University $0.00
Epsilon Pi Sam Houston State University $1,179.00
Epsilon Sigma University of Tennessee-Martin $976.00
Epsilon Upsilon Gannon University $382.00
Epsilon Phi University of Central Arkansas $1,806.00
Epsilon Chi Pittsburgh State University $521.00
Epsilon Psi Western Michigan University $554.00
Epsilon Omega East Central University $0.00
Zeta Alpha A Kettering University $1,615.00
Zeta Alpha B Kettering University $1,920.00
Zeta Beta Delta State University $647.00
Zeta Gamma Eastern Illinois University $378.00
Zeta Epsilon Western Kentucky University $250.00
Zeta Eta University of Arkansas-Little Rock $555.00
Zeta Iota Old Dominion University $1,165.00
Zeta Kappa Ferris State University $630.00
Zeta Lambda Adrian College $1,000.00
Zeta Mu University of Idaho $250.01
Zeta Pi University of South Florida $798.00
Zeta Rho University of North Dakota $1,760.00
Zeta Sigma Florida Institute of Technology $1,006.00
Zeta Tau Eastern Kentucky University $250.00
Zeta Phi University of Missouri-St. Louis $709.00
Zeta Chi Missouri State University $250.00
Zeta Omega University of Louisiana-Lafayette $614.00
Eta Epsilon Angelo State University $1,079.00
Eta Eta Morehead State University $1,165.00
Eta Kappa University of South Alabama $284.60
Eta Mu Georgia Southern - Armstrong $700.00
Eta Omicron University of Louisiana-Monroe $1,165.00
Eta Pi University of West Florida $250.00
Eta Rho Northern Kentucky University $1,950.00
Eta Sigma University of West Georgia $520.00
Eta Tau Austin Peay State University $500.00
Eta Upsilon University of Texas-Arlington $1.00
Theta Alpha University of North Alabama $860.00
Theta Gamma Georgia College and State University $500.00
Theta Epsilon Northeastern State University $254.00
Theta Zeta University of Northern Iowa $272.00
Theta Theta Texas A&M University $600.00
Theta Kappa Indiana University Southeast $205.00
Theta Xi Texas A&M University-Commerce $250.00
Theta Omicron Indiana State University $1,412.00
Theta Pi University of Alabama-Huntsville $746.00
Theta Sigma Winthrop University $250.50
Theta Tau California State University-Sacramento $250.00
Theta Upsilon Tennessee Technological University $250.00
Theta Psi Chapman University $1,111.18
Theta Omega University of California-Davis $1,915.00
Iota Alpha University of Wyoming $5,853.00
Iota Beta California State University-Fresno $860.00
Iota Gamma University of Nebraska-Kearney $808.00
Iota Delta Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology $1,341.00
Iota Epsilon California State University-Long Beach $1.00
Iota Iota Michigan State University $253.00
Iota Lambda Columbia University $1,005.00
Iota Omicron Santa Clara University $1,667.60
Iota Sigma James Madison University $2,110.00
Iota Upsilon Georgia Southern University $1.00
Iota Psi Appalachian State University $250.00
Iota Omega University of Western Ontario $655.00
Kappa Delta Northeastern University $652.00
Kappa Epsilon Rockhurst University $1,478.02
Kappa Zeta University of Louisville $600.02
Kappa Eta New Mexico State University $827.00
Kappa Theta George Mason University $545.00
Kappa Iota University of Rhode Island $0.00
Kappa Mu Wilfrid Laurier University $1,664.00
Kappa Nu University of the Pacific $250.00
Kappa Omicron University of Nevada-Las Vegas $250.00
Kappa Pi University of South Dakota $1,800.00
Kappa Sigma Slippery Rock University $0.00
Kappa Upsilon American University $1,706.00
Kappa Psi Cal Poly Pomona $500.00
Kappa Phi University of California-San Diego $250.01
Lambda Gamma Montclair State University $555.00
Lambda Delta University of Vermont $1,276.00
Lambda Epsilon University of Alberta $251.00
Lambda Zeta Drexel University $17.00
Lambda Eta William Woods University $556.00
Lambda Theta University of Dayton $1,270.00
Lambda Iota University of Central Oklahoma $566.00
Lambda Kappa College of Charleston $1,805.00
Lambda Lambda University of California-Irvine $2,822.00
Lambda Mu Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University $359.50
Lambda Nu Boston University $270.00
Lambda Xi Florida Gulf Coast University $500.00
Lambda Pi Hofstra University $1,285.00
Lambda Rho University of North Carolina-Greensboro $641.00
Lambda Upsilon McNeese State University $850.00
Lambda Phi University of North Carolina-Wilmington $735.10
Lambda Chi Virginia Commonwealth University $595.00
Lambda Psi California State University-Chico $1,415.00
Lambda Omega Towson University $0.00
Mu Alpha Rowan University $1,265.00
Mu Gamma Binghamton University $1,636.00
Mu Delta McMaster University $391.00
Mu Epsilon California State University-Fullerton $736.00
Mu Eta Methodist University $251.00
Mu Theta Kent State University $555.00
Mu Kappa Northwestern State University of Louisiana $310.00
Mu Lambda West Chester University $750.00
Mu Mu Jacksonville University $250.00
Mu Nu Southeastern Louisiana University $315.00
Mu Xi Bridgewater State University $1,165.00
Mu Omicron South Dakota State University $1,030.00
Mu Pi United States Military Academy at West Point $845.00
Mu Rho Christopher Newport University $630.00
Mu Sigma Arkansas Tech University $250.00
Mu Tau University of Northern Colorado $82.00
Colony at Florida Atlantic Florida Atlantic University $625.00
Colony at Northern Arizona Northern Arizona University $250.00
Colony at Cal State - San Bernardino California State University - San Bernardino $500.00
Colony at Delaware University of Delaware $250.00
Colony at Northwest Missouri State Northwest Missouri State University $385.00
Colony at Clemson Clemson University $1,043.00
Colony at Jacksonville State Jacksonville State University $250.00
Colony at Boise State Boise State University $250.00
Colony at Chicago University of Chicago $250.00
Colony at CSU-Northridge California State University - Northridge $250.00
Colony at DePaul DePaul University $250.00
Colony at Western Carolina Western Carolina University $250.00

To learn more about your chapter’s endowment fund, contact Ginny Stalker at or 901-748-1948, ext. 141.