PIKE University Scholarships

The PIKE U Scholarship Program is a vital component of PIKE U. The scholarship program provides direct support for Pi Kappa Alpha chapters and colonies to encourage participation in PIKE U events.
PIKE U Registration

PIKE U Scholarships

Each chapter and colony has a scholarship account to help offset registration costs for PIKE U events (Leadership Summits, The Academy, Chapter Executive Conference, and Convention).

Claiming Scholarships

While completing the online registration, select the "PIKE University Scholarship Fund" option as your method of payment. Done. It's as simple as that! Post event, a chapter/colony may request reimbursement from their respective PIKE U scholarship account up to the total registration costs for the event. Post-event requests must be completed within 60 days of the close of the event. Contact the event coordinator at pikeuniversity@pikes.org for more information.

Review Available Funds

How to Earn Scholarships & Build Your Chapter Endowment Fund

There are four ways to earn and build funds in your scholarship account to attend PIKE U events:

  1. Build your Chapter Endowment Fund
  2. Earn Recruiting Incentives
  3. Earn International Awards
  4. Attend Pike U Events

Additionally, a minimum of $250.00 is allocated to each chapter/colony on July 1 by the International Fraternity each year to help brothers attend PIKE U .

Chapter Endowment Fund

The PIKE Foundation maintains an endowment account for each chapter. After an account reaches $10,000 in donations, members of that chapter may receive an annual grant to their scholarship account, based on a percentage of the account’s balance to attend Pike U events. Note: An endowment is a fixed amount of money that earns interest and provides a distribution from the interest earned. The corpus will grow over time with contributions and positive market returns resulting in a larger distribution amount, but the distribution is a percentage of the corpus.

There are three ways to grow your chapter's endowment fund

  1. Ask all student members to join φφκα.
  2. Encourage alumni to make a designated, tax-deductible gift to the PIKE Foundation for your Chapter Endowment Fund.
  3. Encourage parents and grandparents to make a designated, tax-deductible gift to the PIKE Foundation for your Chapter Endowment Fund.

Recruitment Incentive

Chapters that meet the criteria for the annual recruitment incentives may earn additional PIKE U scholarship funds. Please contact the Director of Membership Growth for more information.

Earn International Awards

Many of the international awards include merit-based PIKE U scholarship money. NOTE: Scholarship Amounts are subject to change.

  • Smythe Award - $250
  • Orians Excellence Award - $100
  • Harvey T. Newell Award - $100
  • Risk Awareness Award - $1,500
  • Most Improved Risk Awareness Award - $1,500
  • Outstanding Financial Operations Award - $500
  • Financial Management Award - $250
  • Collections Award - $250

Learn more about International Awards

To learn more about your chapter’s endowment fund, contact Ginny Stalker at gstalker@pikes.org or 901-748-1948, ext. 141.