PIKE University Scholarships

The PIKE U Scholarship Program is a vital component of PIKE U. The scholarship program provides direct support for Pi Kappa Alpha chapters and colonies to encourage participation in PIKE U events.
PIKE U Registration

PIKE U Scholarships

Each chapter or colony has a scholarship account to offset registration fees for PIKE U events (Leadership Summits, The Academy, Chapter Executive Conference, and Convention).

Claiming Scholarships

While completing the online registration, request scholarship funds be applied toward registration. Post event, a chapter/colony may request reimbursement from their respective PIKE U scholarship account up to the total registration costs for the event. Post-event requests must be completed within 60 days of the close of the event. Contact the Director of Education at pikeuniversity@pikes.org. Reimbursements will be made by crediting the chapter or colony operating account.

Review Available Funds

How to Earn Scholarships & Build Your Chapter Endowment Fund

There are four ways to earn and build funds in your scholarship account to attend PIKE U events:

  1. Build your Chapter Endowment Fund
  2. Earn Recruiting Incentives
  3. Earn International Awards
  4. Attend Pike U Events

Additionally, a minimum of $250.00 is allocated to each chapter/colony on July 1 by the International Fraternity each year to help brothers attend PIKE U .

Chapter Endowment Fund

The PIKE Foundation maintains an endowment account for each chapter. After an account reaches $10,000 in donations, members of that chapter may receive an annual grant to their scholarship account, based on a percentage of the account’s balance to attend Pike U events. Note: An endowment is a fixed amount of money that earns interest and provides a distribution from the interest earned. The corpus will grow over time with contributions and positive market returns resulting in a larger distribution amount, but the distribution is a percentage of the corpus.

There are three ways to grow your chapter's endowment fund

  1. Ask all student members to join φφκα.
  2. Encourage alumni to make a designated, tax-deductible gift to the PIKE Foundation for your Chapter Endowment Fund.
  3. Encourage parents and grandparents to make a designated, tax-deductible gift to the PIKE Foundation for your Chapter Endowment Fund.

Recruitment Incentive

Chapters that meet the criteria for the annual recruitment incentives may earn additional PIKE U scholarship funds. Please contact the Director of Membership Growth for more information.

Earn International Awards

Many of the international awards include merit-based PIKE U scholarship money. NOTE: Scholarship Amounts are subject to change.

  • Smythe Award - $250
  • Orians Excellence Award - $100
  • Harvey T. Newell Award - $100
  • Risk Awareness Award - $1,500
  • Most Improved Risk Awareness Award - $1,500
  • Outstanding Financial Operations Award - $500
  • Financial Management Award - $250
  • Collections Award - $250

Learn more about International Awards

To learn more about your chapter’s endowment fund, contact Ginny Stalker at gstalker@pikes.org or 901-748-1948, ext. 141.