Lifetime Achievement: Order of the West Range

The Order of West Range was established in 1986 to recognize outstanding alumni for achievement in their careers, service to society and/or service to Pi Kappa Alpha.
Order of West Range medallion

Alumni, representing government, business, entertainment, sports and many other fields, have been selected for induction into this special Order. We recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of our talented brothers.


Thad Cochran*
Gamma Iota '50
U.S. Senator, State of Mississippi

Malcolm C. Todd*
Beta Eta '31
Past president, American Medical Association

Donald W. Reynolds*
Alpha Nu '25
Founder and former chairman, DonRey Media Group

Franklin S. Forsberg*
Alpha Tau '28
Former U.S. Ambassador to Sweden

L.A. “Brooks” McCall*
Mu '32
Past national vice president, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity

Thomas K. McCraw*
Gamma Iota '59
Straus professor of business history, Harvard University


Lance D. Alworth, Sr.
Alpha Zeta '59
Former professional football player, San Diego Chargers

Patrick D. Bowlen
Beta Omicron '63
Owner, Denver Broncos

Roy D. Hickman*
Beta Delta '22
Past national president, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity; Past international president, Rotary International

Andrew H. Knight*
Alpha Pi '23
Past national president, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity

Virgil R. McBroom*
Beta Eta '25
Past national president, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity

Fess E. Parker, Jr.*
Beta Mu '48
Professional actor

Louis A. Pritchett
Delta Zeta '52
Former vice president, Procter and Gamble

Quentin L. Richard*
Gamma Beta '29
Businessman and philanthropist

J. Strom Thurmond*
Xi '59
U.S. Senator, State of South Carolina

Quentin E. Wood
Beta Alpha '42
Former chairman of the board and chief executive officer, Quaker State Oil

T. Morgan Woodward
Beta Mu '49
Professional actor


Elbert P. Tuttle*
Beta Theta '16
Former judge, 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

Hubert M. Green
Delta Lambda '65
Professional golfer

Robert C. Bowden
Alpha Pi '49
Head football coach, Florida State University

Bennett A. Brown*
Mu '47
Former chairman, Citizens and Southern Bank

P. Roy Vagelos
Beta Pi '48
Chief executive officer, Merck and Company

Frank F. Sinkwich*
Alpha Mu '41
Heisman Trophy winner

Charles A. Bowsher
Beta Eta '50
Former Comptroller General of the United States

John P. McGovern*
Alpha Alpha '40
Internationally renowned allergist/immunologist

A.B. “Happy” Chandler*
Kappa '19
Former governor of Kentucky; Former commissioner of major league baseball

Leo A. Hoegh*
Gamma Nu '29
Former governor of Iowa


Dwight Beeson*
Beta Kappa '20
Philanthropist and businessman

Paul G. Blount *
Epsilon Nu '60
Past national historian, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity

Earl W. Brian, Jr.
Alpha Alpha '61
Chairman, chief executive officer and president, InfoTechnology, Inc.

William H. Dial*
Alpha Eta '27
Former president and chairman, Sun Banks of Florida

Edward J. “Ted” Koppel
Alpha Chi '58
Newscaster, ABC News

Richard F. Ogle*
Gamma Alpha '61
Past national president, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity

Wilbert E. Chope*
Sigma '42
Founder and former president, Industrial Nucleonics Corporation

John J. Sparkman*
Gamma Alpha '24
Former U.S. Senator, State of Alabama

Thomas L. Williams, Sr.*
Alpha Alpha '32
Former president, Maybelline Cosmetics

Louis H. Wilson, Jr.*
Alpha Iota '39
Former commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps


Thomas Bonner*
Delta Chi '56
Distinguished professor of history and higher education, Wayne State University

Silvio Conte*
Theta Mu '86
Former U.S. Congressman, State of Massachusetts

Thomas H. Davis*
Gamma Delta '38
Founder and former president and chief executive officer, Piedmont Airlines

Garth C. Grissom*
Alpha Omega '49
Past national president, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity

Robert M. McFarland*
Alpha Delta '19
Former executive director, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity

Oscar Sandberg
Beta Beta '49

Samuel K. Skinner
Beta Eta '57
Former U.S. Secretary of Transportation

James D.A. van Hoften
Alpha Sigma '63
Senior vice president and manager of defense and space, Bechtel Group, Inc.

Charles “Rip” Engle*
Beta Alpha '53
Former head football coach, Pennsylvania State University

Robert D. Lynn*
Mu '31
Former executive director, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity

Harland Sanders*
Alpha Eta '65
Founder, Kentucky Fried Chicken


Edward N. Cole*
Zeta Alpha '64
Former president and chief operating officer, General Motors Corporation

Michael L. Dever
Alpha Xi '61
Owner, Autoplex

“Tennessee” Ernest J. Ford*
Epsilon Zeta '66

Harold D. Herndon*
Beta Gamma '22
Independent oil operator

R. Craig Hoenshell*
Delta Chi '63
Chairman, Avis Car Rental Agency

James D. Hoskins*
Zeta '04
Former president, University of Tennessee

Grant MacFarlane*
Alpha Tau '17
Attorney, past national president, past housing commissioner

John F. McNair*
Beta '44
Former chairman, First Wachovia Corporation

Thomas E. Rast*
Gamma Alpha '42
Chairman of the board, Johnson-Rast and Hays Co., Inc.

Tom W. Wade, Sr.*
Zeta '17
Past grand secretary

C. Robert Yeager*
Omega '29
Former president and chairman of the board, L.G. Balfour Company


Howard H. Bell*
Alpha Nu '46
Former president, American Advertising Federation

Chester M. Brown*
Alpha Nu '28
Former president and chairman of the board, Allied Chemical Corporation

S. Lew Burdette, Jr.*
Omicron '46
Former pitcher for the Milwaukee Braves

George Denton*
Alpha Nu '42
Past president of the Pi Kappa Alpha Foundation

Robert C. Duke*
Beta Mu '45

General Courtney B. Hodges*
Psi '03
Commander of the First Army during World War II

John J. Lux*
Theta '53
Former chairman of Foundation Endowment Fund

Wickliffe B. Moore*
Omega '21
Paper industry businessman

C. Pat Roberts
Alpha Omega '55
U.S. Senator, State of Kansas

C. Wesley Roberts*
Alpha Omega '21
Former chairman of the Republican National Committee

Larry J. VanFossen*
Alpha Xi '56
Chief executive officer, Red Roof Inns

Lynn O. “Pappy” Waldorf*
Alpha Chi '21
Former head football coach at Kansas State, Northwestern and California


R. Don Cash
Epsilon Gamma '62
President and CEO of Questar Corporation

Stephen R. Covey*
Alpha Tau '50
President of Covey Leadership Center

Robert H. Dedman, Jr.
Beta Mu '78
President of Club Corporation of America

Marvin D. Dennis*
Beta Eta ’56
Former PIKE Foundation President

Everett Dirksen*
Delta Sigma '60
Former Senator, State of Illinois

Richard L. Evans*
Alpha Tau '30
Former Editor and Producer of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Robert C. Hahnen*
Beta Chi '25
Former Director of Department of Agriculture, State of Minnesota

Luther H. Hodges*
Tau '60
Former Governor, State of North Carolina

William P. McCartney
Alpha Nu '61
Former head football Coach, University of Colorado
Founder of Promise Keepers

C. Lee Talley*
Beta Kappa '20
Former President and Chairman of the Board of the Coca Cola Company

Luther L. Terry*
Delta '28
Former Surgeon General of the Public Health Service

William P. Tolley*
Alpha Chi '19
Former President and Chancellor of Syracuse University


Eldridge W. Roark*
Alpha Pi '52
Former National President - Omicron Delta Kappa

Robert A. Schluter*
Gamma Rho '84
Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Northwestern University


Patrick W. Halloran, III
Delta Chi '62
Former executive director of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity

Robert C. Losure
Gamma Upsilon '68
CNN Headline News Anchorman

Neal L. Patterson*
Gamma Chi '68
Founder and chief executive officer of Cerner Corporation

Col. Kermit J. Silverwood*
Alpha Omega '27
Retired Colonel of the United States Army


E. Dixie Beggs*
Alpha Eta '27
Retired attorney & senior partner in the firm of Beggs and Lane

Kenneth Jackson
Delta Zeta ’58
Jacques Barzun Professor of History – Columbia University

Garth Jax
Delta Lambda '84
Coordinator of NFL Programs and Community Outreach for the Phoenix Cardinals


Reverend Simon A. Simon*
Delta Chi '54
Pi Kappa Alpha International Chaplain

Phillip M. Lighty*
Gamma Xi ’38
Senior Partner, Dean Witter Investments

Edward A. Pease
Delta Xi ’71
U.S. Congressman, State of Indiana

Richard Ralph
Alpha Sigma ’53
Chairman, Pi Kappa Alpha Housing Commission

William R. Nester*
Alpha Xi ’47
Chancellor Emeritus, University of Nebraska-Kearney


Charles O. Holliday
Zeta ’67
Chairman & CEO, The DuPont Company

Hjalma Johnson
Alpha Eta ’58
Past President, American Bankers Association

Joe T. Ford
Alpha Zeta ’57
Chairman & CEO, ALLTEL Corporation

Ernest H. Ern
Delta Iota ’60
Senior Vice President, University of Virginia

Jerome V. Reel
Eta ’57
International Historian, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity Senior Vice Provost, Clemson University

Tim McGraw
Eta Omicron ’86
Country Music Superstar


Kenneth W. Lowe
Tau ‘70
Chairman and CEO, E.W. Scripps Company

Rigdon O. Dees
Tau ’70
TV and Radio Personality

Kenneth W. Simonds*
Epsilon Zeta ’55
Former COO, Teredata Corporation

John W. Hein*
Gamma Eta ’50
Former Director, Metropolitan Water District of California

Tom W. Wade, Jr.*
Zeta ’53
Past President, Pi Kappa Alpha Foundation
President, Tom Wade Companies


Jack E. Bowsher
Beta Eta ’50
Retired Director of Education, IBM Corporation

Joseph R. Brown
Gamma ’50
Past President, Pi Kappa Alpha Foundation
Loyalty Award 1996
Retired CEO, Black & Veatch Architects, Inc.

L. Owen Brown
Upsilon ’61
Former President & COO, Sun Microsystems
Alabama’s Engineering Hall of Fame

Jeffrey C. Taylor
Theta Mu ’79
Massachusetts Founder and former CEO,


Joe Caruso
Zeta Sigma ’70
President, The Omnifirst Group

Ivor “Ike” Evans
Alpha Omega ’61
Retired President/C.O.O., Union Pacific Railroad

Gary E. Menchhofer
Alpha Xi ’65
Project Manager, Great Traditions Land & Development Co.

Richard J. Seitz*
Alpha Omega ’39
Retired United States Army General
Silver Star, Distinguished Service Medal, Purple Heart, Bronze Star

William C. “Wick” Watkins*
Upsilon ’51
Retired C.E.O., ICEE of Atlanta, Inc.


Robert G. Certain
Emory Beta Kappa ’67
Rector of St. Peter and Paul Episcopal Church in Marietta, Georgia
Air Force POW held in the Hanoi Hilton
Led the funeral services for President Gerald Ford

Andrew M. Coats
Oklahoma, Beta Omicron ’54
Dean of the Oklahoma University College of Law
Former mayor of Oklahoma City
Former District Attorney of Oklahoma County

James R. Holland
Oklahoma State, Gamma Chi ’63
President and CEO of Hunt Capital Group, a private equity investment company

James W. Thomas
Florida Tech, Zeta Sigma ‘69
Venture capitalist in two fast-growing industries, electronic entertainment and the Internet
Former chief operating officer and chief financial officer of

James A. Wolff
Eastern Washington, Zeta Nu “67
Long-time Fraternity servant and real estate attorney


B. Kevin Turner
East Central, Epsilon Omega ’85
COO, Microsoft Corporation Inc.

David Porter
East Central, Epsilon Omega ’84
Corporate Vice President of Retail Sales, Microsoft Corporation Inc.

J. Pike Powers
Epsilon Kappa ’60
Managing Partner, Fulbright & Jaworski Law Firm

Lance C. Melber
Kansas State, Alpha Omega ’82
Former Senior Vice President, Capital One

Robert N. Cox*
Southeast Missouri State, Epsilon Iota ‘64
President, Cox & Associates


Douglas A. Ducey
Arizona State, Delta Tau ’82
Arizona State Treasurer

James A. Favor*
Colorado State, Epsilon Theta ’67
President of J.R. Favor Company LLC

Daniel F. McGehee
Southeast Missouri State, Epsilon Iota ’63
Longtime volunteer of Pi Kappa Alpha; served ten years on the Fraternity’s Supreme Council

Peter A. Sessions
Southwestern, Alpha Omicron ’76
Congressman of the 32nd District of Texas in the House of Representatives

Will Shortz
Indiana University, Delta Xi ’71
Crossword editor for the New York Times


Andrew Armacost
Northwestern, Gamma Rho 68
Dean of Faculty, U.S. Air Force Academy

Josh O. Bernstein
Cornell, Beta Theta ’90
Explorer, author, survival expert, and TV host

Timothy O. Brown
Arkansas State, Delta Theta ’73
Delta Theta AAB & AA President

Gordon E. Eubanks, Jr.
Oklahoma State, Gamma Chi ’65
American microcomputer industry pioneer

John R. Hargrave
East Central, Epsilon Omega ’73
President of East Central University

Jonathan F. Nelson
Montevallo, Theta Beta ’89
General Manager, Birmingham Barrons

Rodger O. Riney
Oklahoma State, Gamma Chi ’64
President of Scottrade


Michael Ainslie
Vanderbilt, Sigma '62
Former President and CEO, Sotheby's

Andy D. Hendrickson
California-Berkeley, Alpha Sigma '84
Chief Technology Officer, Activision Publishing

Dennis P. Lauscha
Alabama, Gamma Alpha '88
President, New Orleans Saints & New Orleans Pelicans

Dr. James L. Melsa
Iowa State, Alpha Phi '57
Dean Emeritus, Iowa State University College of Engineering

Lt. Gen. Robert E. "Boomer" Milstead, USMC (ret.)
Houston, Epsilon Eta '71
Former Deputy Commandant of the Marine Corps, Manpower and Reserve Affairs

* Indicates deceased member.

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