Trustees & Staff

The Board of Trustees oversees the mission and future growth of the PIKE Foundation. The Trustees also ensure legal compliance and maintain the economic health of the Foundation’s assets so that future Pikes can continue to benefit from the Foundation’s initiatives.

  • Foundation Board of Trustees
    Thomas Clark
    W Thomas Clark

    Virginia Tech, Epsilon '73
    Chairman, The Westchester Bank
    White Plains, NY

    Charles Cumbaa
    Charles T Cumbaa

    Mississippi State, Gamma Theta '72
    Senior Vice President New Business Development, Blackbaud
    Mount Pleasant, SC

    Dan Berger
    Daniel A Berger

    Arizona, Gamma Delta '99
    Vice President for Healthcare, Sector Financial Inc.
    Bethesda, MD

    Rush Harding
    Rush F Harding

    Central Arkansas, Epsilon Phi '73
    CEO, Crew & Associates
    Little Rock, AR

    Hank Kucheman
    Hank Kucheman

    Virginia Tech, Epsilon '71
    Director, BioStar Ventures
    Boston, MA

    John L Lisher

    Indiana, Delta Xi '71
    Retired Partner, Kopka, Pinkus, Dolin & Eads
    Indianapolis, IN

    Mark A Robertson

    Southern Methodist, Beta Zeta '82
    Attorney and Partner, Fulbright & Jaworski, LLP
    New York, NY

    Brint Ryan
    G Brint Ryan

    North Texas, Epsilon Delta '83
    Founder and CEO, Ryan Inc.
    Dallas, TX

    Dar Sidebotham
    Dar Sidebotham

    Zeta Sigma, Florida Tech '94
    Vice President, Bernstein Private Wealth Management
    Boston, MA

    Thomas C Tillar Jr

    Virginia Tech, Epsilon ’70
    Vice President for Alumni Relations, Virginia Tech
    Blacksburg, VA

    Kevin Virta
    Kevin E Virta

    Western Michigan, Epsilon Psi ‘83
    Sr. Manager of Mobility Research and Development, DENSO International America Inc.
    Holland, MI

    Bruce A Wolfson

    Pennsylvania, Beta Pi '71
    Attorney, Jaguar Growth Partners
    New York, NY

    Jerry Askew
    Jerry Askew
    Trustee Emeritus 

    North Carolina, Tau '73
    President, Alliance for Better Nonprofits
    Knoxville, TN

    Marvin D Dennis
    Trustee Emeritus 

    Illinois, Beta Eta '56
    President, Dennis & Company
    San Francisco, CA

    William N LaForge
    Trustee Emeritus 

    Delta State, Zeta Beta '69
    President, Delta State University
    Cleveland, MS

    Joe J Turner Jr
    Trustee Emeritus 

    Clemson, Eta Alpha ‘70
    Chief Executive Officer, First Sun Management Corporation
    Clemson, SC

  • Foundation
    N Ryan Flickinger
    Chief Executive Officer 

    The Foundation chief executive officer is responsible for the overall coordination of fund raising projects of the Foundation. He supervises the Foundation staff and coordinates Foundation programming.

    901-748-1948 x1101
    Ben Boden
    Benjamin D Boden
    Senior Development Officer 

    The senior development officer works with the Foundation CEO to develop and implement fundraising strategy and programs, directly managing all development staff and alumni outreach initiatives.

    901-748-1868 x1130
    Muffin Dixon
    Muffin Dixon
    Development Operations Officer 

    The development operations officer assists the Foundation's chief executive officer and is responsible for gift fulfillment, donor relations, donor prospect research and identification and stewardship.

    901-748-1948 x1102
    Adam I Wassell
    Senior Director of Development 

    The senior director of development travels extensively, spearheading the Foundation's donor cultivation efforts with Pi Kappa Alpha alumni.

    901-748-1868 x1139
    KC Herman
    KC Herman
    Director of Development 

    The director of development travels extensively, spearheading the Foundation's donor cultivation efforts with Pi Kappa Alpha alumni.

    901-748-1868 x1144
    Ginny Stalker
    Ginny N Stalker
    Scholarship & Grant Administrator 

    The scholarship & grant administrator works with the Foundation’s chief executive and board‐appointed finance committee to award and administer scholarships and grants for qualified recipients and programs.

    901-748-1948 x1141
    Cecily Hurt
    Cecily A Hurt
    Director of Annual Giving 

    The director of annual giving manages the Foundation's annual giving programs including the PIKE Loyal Order, the Presidents Council and the 1868 Club.

    901-748-1948 x1146

For more information, contact the Pi Kappa Alpha Foundation at (901) 748-1948 or email