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General Chapter Resources

General Resources

The Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity is dedicated to providing volunteers and undergraduate members up-to-date resources to ensure that new position holders can best understand their responsibilities. Over the last few years, Pi Kappa Alpha has expanded and changed the ways that resources are delivered to both our undergraduate members but also to our volunteers.

Chapter Resources

Our chapter officers have extensive resources developed in the form of handbooks, tutorials, and supplemental resources. You can find those resources available here. As an advisor, it is strongly encouraged that you take time to look through the resources that apply to your respective position so that you can understand what responsibilities that officer should be addressing, goals for that officer, and how that position is recommended to execute its role.

Additionally, Pi Kappa Alpha has developed state of the art e-mail communication to each officer. The major officers will get information relevant to their position pushed to their e-mail accounts at timely points throughout the year. For example, during our tax season, the chapter treasurer will get an e-mail that will have information on how to properly file the form 990.

Supplemental Resources

The Fraternity has also developed a robust blog that hosts significant educational resources for both our undergraduates and our advisors. You can find the blog here. The content will be updated frequently as relevant content changes. The blog has a list of tags and categories, such as alumni, that will make navigating the blog easier and help you find the content that is important for you quickly.

Lastly, the Fraternity also has a podcast that discusses, in serious depth, important topics and features guests that are experts in those fields. You can find all podcasts here. The podcasts are also hosted on SoundCloud at the channel PIKE_MHQ. Please subscribe and follow along. This periodic production will connect you to prominent alumni, discuss success stories and connect you to thought leaders, best practices and general information related to Pi Kappa Alpha. We'll also break down some of our most dynamic resources - from entire areas of programming to specific tools and strategies - to deliver an in-depth, comprehensive look at the elements that make our chapters successful.

Additional information and in-depth program guides are also available behind the myPIKE portal under COMMUNICATIONS>Resource Center.

Annual Calendar

While it is up to each chapter to set and plan their own calendar, the International Fraternity has a number of events and dates that are important for the chapter to remember. In order to help keep track of these events, the Fraternity has devised an annual planner that will help chapters do just that.

View and bookmark the calendar here.

If you need help or have general questions, please email