Jumpstart Your Spring Recruitment

Have you or someone in your chapter said something like:

“Spring is always smaller here. That’s just the way it is.”

“Most freshmen joined in the fall, there are less available now.”

It’s true—many fraternities recruit fewer men in the spring than the fall. But that doesn’t have to be the case. If you’ve given these or any other excuses before, don’t feel bad—most chapters simply don’t know how to recruit well in the spring. Spring requires a different strategy.

The fall provides a new crop of freshmen looking to get involved on campus. At many campuses, hundreds or thousands of men are seeking a fraternity to join. By springtime, men have established their friend groups. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be recruited. You just need to look in the right places.

Since recruits are less likely to come to you, you need to be proactive. Fortunately, you have more resources available than you probably realize.

1. Your Fall New Member Class

Many of your fall recruits are likely freshmen. Who do freshmen live with, go to class with, and hang out with? That’s right—other freshmen.


  • Ask newly initiated brothers for names and phones numbers of potential recruits.
  • Invite those potential recruits to already scheduled chapter events or host an event for them.
  • Throughout the fall, offer bids to the recruits that qualify.

2. Sororities

Sororities might not seem like the best place to find potential recruits—many sorority women hang out with guys that are already in fraternities. But, just like you, they recently initiated a class of new girls. Most of those girls are freshmen. Freshmen girls hang out with freshmen guys. Sororities can be a golden pipeline for quality men.


  • Meet with each sorority’s president and buy her coffee or lunch. Explain you are trying to improve PIKE’s quality by recruiting men from a referral process and ask to meet with the entire sorority to gather names or great men that could be potential Pikes.
  • Practice the sorority presentation outline and script found here. Execute presentation and distribute recommendation sheets found here.
  • Chose men who are clean cut, well spoken, and uphold PIKE’s values.
  • Contact the referred recruits and invite them to a chapter event or simply ask them to hang out. (Lunches, dinners, and sporting events are all great options)

Alternatively, you can ask individual girls. This works well if someone in the chapter has a relationship with one of the newly initiated ladies. He can speak to her, explain what you’re looking for, and ask her to gather names and phone numbers from her sisters.

3. Student Organizations

Since many freshmen have gotten involved on campus by now, go to them. If not, encourage men to get involved on campus. This will provide a venue to meet and make friends with more high quality men.


  • Ask brothers who are involved in student organizations to identify, approach, and befriend potential recruits. Invite those potential recruits to scheduled chapter events or host an event for them.
  • Meet with student organization presidents and ask if they have noticed any outstanding members in their group.These meetings function similarly to the sorority president meetings described above.
  • Contact recommended recruits and invite them to a chapter event or simply ask them to hang out.

Spring doesn’t have to be small; it just needs to be done right. Don’t wait for men to come to you, because the best men aren’t going to. Seek out sources that will provide leads to high-quality recruits. Call the recruits and meet them face to face. Introduce them to Pikes. Make friends with them. Win spring recruitment.

For more information contact rushpike@pikes.org