Services Provided by the International Fraternity

How your International Fraternity Staff Can Help

The International Fraternity is a nonprofit organization and serves as a trade association providing chapters and alumni associations a multitude of services, resources and assistance dealing with virtually every aspect of Fraternity operations. Below are some of those services and resources available to members. Extensive resources are available throughout and the myPIKE portal to support all aspects of operations. You can also contact us at or call the Memorial Headquarters at 901-748-1868 for personal assistance.


  • Chapter visits for general operations
  • Education and programming resources
  • PIKE University curriculum, materials and facilitators
    • Leadership summits
    • Chapter Executives Conference
    • The Academy
    • Convention
  • Leadership Consultant Services including:
    • Annual chapter visits
    • Developmental visits
    • Feedback to optimize chapter management and operational efficiency
    • Health & Safety best practices and education
    • Strategic planning and transition support
  • Organizational structuring
  • Assist with communication between chapters, universities, and alumni
  • Primary contact for universities, chapters, and parents
  • Ritual education


  • Recruit and educate regional and local volunteers
    • Maintain advisor accreditation program and professional standards for volunteers
    • Facilitate PIKE Volunteer conferences, retreats, and workshops
    • Update volunteer resource Library
    • Maintain online volunteer training
  • Provide speakers for chapter events
  • Promote local volunteer opportunities
  • Facilitate alumni and volunteer awards
  • Establish alumni associations


  • Participation in the Fraternity’s liability protection program
  • Annual directory listing in the autumn issue of the Shield & Diamond
  • List association news quarterly under the alumni notes section of the Shield & Diamond
  • Discount rates for advertising association events in the Shield & Diamond
  • Listing on the alumni association locator on
  • Access to the Fraternity’s Lost Brother widget located on the myPIKE dashboard
  • Participation in the international volunteer and alumni awards program
  • Access to the Fraternity’s membership database of chapter and area alumni


  • Provide financial education to chapter treasurers, officers, and alumni advisory board members involved with chapters’ financial operations
  • Provide financial management resources
    • Budget templates
    • Treasurer handbook
    • Treasurer transition guidelines
    • Other financial resources
  • Assist, educate, and facilitate chapters on IRS policies, requirements, and necessary annual filings
  • Provide consulting services to chapters for:
    • Restructuring of financial policies, management, and practices
    • Severe issues with accounts receivable and accounts payable
    • General financial related concerns
  • Process delinquent member accounts as requested by chapters


  • Provide regional recruitment workshops and chapter on-site recruitment visits covering:
    • Planning with chapter leadership
    • Committee structuring and tactics training
    • Hands-on training for entire chapter
    • IFC best practices
  • Provide recruitment resources
    • Recruitment chairman handbook
    • Advanced recruitment training at PIKE University
  • Manage online recruitment referrals through links


  • Keep PIKE’s expansion program competitive within fraternity industry
  • Provide on-site, initial recruitment efforts
  • Train and manage expansion consultants
  • Provide operations and consulting services to colonies
  • Identify desired expansion opportunities
  • Develop university expansion applications
  • Conduct campus expansion presentations
  • Cultivate and train alumni advisory boards for colonies
  • Communicate with interest groups
  • Facilitate chartering and installation weekends
  • Facilitate colony petitioning and chartering processes


  • Develop curriculum and programming for over 3,300 annual participants
  • Maintain online educational resources
  • Research higher education trends
  • Plan and execute all PIKE U events:
    • Leadership summits
    • Chapter Executives Conference for presidents, treasurers, and recruitment chairmen
    • The Academy
    • International Convention
  • Manage the PIKE University scholarship program providing over $200,000 annually to chapters to attend PIKE U events
  • Lead TRUE PIKE Experience Programming
      • Provide chapter on-site education visits covering:
        • Structured education for all members
        • Education cabinet structure and training
      • Handbook for VP of Membership Development
      • Handbooks for education cabinet
      • Facilitator guides for education meetings


  • Develop long-term housing plans
  • Offer various loan programs to house corporations
  • Educate the Fraternity on real estate operations and competitive best practices
  • Provide resources to house corporations
  • Research current housing trends
  • Educate house corporations on IRS and tax filing resources
  • Real estate and capital campaign consulting
  • Maintain property insurance program
  • Coordinate International Work Day
  • Maintain custodial funds for chapters


  • Operate and manage Memorial Headquarters building
  • Maintain Fraternity’s War Memorial, archives, and historical artifacts
  • Provide scholarships for individual student members
  • Grant funds to chapters and house corporations
  • Support PIKE University and other Fraternity leadership development programs
  • Provide grants for qualified chapter housing initiatives
  • Manage an endowment fund of over $9.2 million


  • Provide brand resources for member organizations
  • Amplify the success and positive stories of chapters, colonies, and associations through multiple media channels
  • Provide real-time crisis response and crisis response training for members
  • Maintain brand standards for all communications and licensed vendors
  • Design and publish multimedia communications
    • Shield & Diamond quarterly magazine
    • PIKELine monthly e-newsletter
    • Maintains all print and electronic publications
  • Produce educational PIKE videos
  • Provide chapter websites and training
  • Assists with chapter marketing and public relations strategy
  • Assists with chapter social media strategy
  • Work with the PIKEStore to provide chapter supplies


  • Assist with the attainment/preservation of nonprofit status
  • Process membership records and changes in membership status
  • Maintain International Fraternity database
  • Represent Pi Kappa Alpha to international and higher education organizations
  • Develop partnerships with host institutions
  • Cultivate government relations and advocacy
  • Maintain chapter and Shield & Diamond archives
For more information, contact Pi Kappa Alpha at (901) 748-1868 or