Recruitment Advisor Accreditation Sign-Off

Final Recruitment Items

The recruitment handbook is one of the largest handbooks that Pi Kappa Alpha has and that is for a reason – recruitment is nuanced, complicated, and complex. It would take longer than the time we have to cover every single recruitment item in this accreditation. However, there are a few final things to note.

Recruitment Scholarship

The recruitment scholarship is one of the most effective name generation activities that a chapter can undertake. Even offering a small scholarship of $500 will generate interest from incoming students that will result in lots of applications. Why would we want them to apply? Because a majority of scholarships applications include information like: grades, involvement, contact information, hobbies, leadership, etc. This is invaluable information for the recruitment committee to have. It will allow the recruitment committee to target their market and recruit the blue-chip applicants.

Deferred Recruitment

Deferred recruitment is a term that many campuses and universities are beginning to use. Deferred recruitment means that a young man has to meet certain requirements by the university before they are eligible to rush. More and more, that requirement is that they must complete one semester of school or, in some cases, an entire year at that institution. Pi Kappa Alpha, along with the North American Interfraternity Conference, strongly disagrees with this principle. This does not allow men their freedom of association that the constitution protects and diminishes the fraternity experience that the men are able to have. As a recruitment advisor, if you hear that the campus is thinking about going deferred, please contact the headquarters as soon as you are able so that we can assist the local chapter in pushing back on this issue.

Recruitment Visit

Each year the staff will visit almost 125 chapters doing in-person recruitment visits. Chapters that request a recruitment visit have an annual increase of 8% in the number of men recruited. As a recruitment advisor, you are able to request a recruitment visit on behalf of the chapter you advise. Typically, these recruitment visits take place at the beginning of a semester,but can happen at various times of the year depending on need. You can request a recruitment visit here.


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