Recruitment Advisor Accreditation, page 4

Recruitment Committee Best Practices

As with most organizations, the fraternity chapters that have the best plans and are effectively able to delegate are the most successful chapters on their campus. With recruitment this is especially so. Going into recruitment Pi Kappa Alpha recommends that our chapters have a written recruitment plan that delineates the responsibilities of each member on the committee, a plan for the events the chapter will host, recruitment goals, and the qualifications in the men that the chapter wants to recruit.

As a recruitment advisor, encouraging the chapter to complete the plan, and then subsequently execute on the plan, is something where an advisor can make a direct impact on the chapter’s recruitment. Below are some best practices encourage our chapters to have when building their recruitment committee.

Recruitment Committee

One of the primary responsibilities of the recruitment chairman is to delegate tasks to his recruitment captains. These captains need to be capable of running a chapter program, so they must be organized and driven. Below are a few examples of what kind of recruitment captains you may appoint, as well as what their responsibilities may be. These may be tailored to your individual campus and/or Greek system. Most of these roles are centered around a certain program or function, such as sorority presentations or marketing. Another option is to organize the captains geographically, which is also known as regional recruitment.

Rush Event Captain in charge of planning and organizing rush events. Procures materials, makes reservations, sets up events, and coordinates clean-ups.

Marketing Captain – prints flyers, t-shirts, and other promotional materials. Finds creative ways to get the word out about joining Pi Kappa Alpha.

Summer Recruitment Captain – manages involvement at summer orientations and runs regional recruitment program. Hosts various recruitment events during summer months.

Referral Generation Captain – organizes presentations to campus organizations (particularly sororities) and contacts professors and alumni to generate contact information for possible recruits.

Recruitment Scholarship Captain – administers recruitment scholarship program. Sends out applications to incoming male freshmen, collects information, and sets up awards banquet.

Chapter Builder Captain – manages recruits’ contact information on ChapterBuilder, keeps track of contact w/ recruits.

Transportation Captain – in charge of facilitating recruits’ participation in events by setting up transportation to and from the event by various means.

Brotherhood Captain – in charge of “rushing the chapter” to participate in recruitment, show up to events, and contribute referrals to the green book.

Scholastic Captain – recruits scholars through a recruitment scholarship and by targeting the Dean’s List.

Leadership Captain – in charge of recruiting leaders from other organizations such as student government or professional groups.

Athletic Captain – in charge of recruiting players from other intramural sports teams, club sports, and for meeting with varsity coaches to recruit varsity athletes.

Gentleman Captain – finds gentlemen by conducting sorority presentations and asking women for recruitment recommendations.

Regional Captain – has comprehensive responsibilities for a particular region, where they manage all recruitment activities for that geographic area.

Every last member of the chapter can have a role on the recruitment committee, so long as they are willing. Each recruitment captain has a lot of responsibility, so they can undoubtedly use help in their area of programming. If a few members have no desire to help, do not fret. Let them sit on the sidelines and watch the rest of their brothers build the best fraternity on campus. But anyone that is willing to help with the committee should be given a role.

As an advisor, helping to ensure that the recruitment team is developed and properly staffed will help ensure that the chapter is as prepared as possible for recruitment.

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