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Pi Kappa Alpha has invested in ChapterBuilder technology which is an online customer relationship manager (CRM) for fraternity and sorority recruitment. This tool replaces the traditional green book spreadsheet that our chapters have used for the last 20+ years or so. Pi Kappa Alpha chapters that used ChapterBuilder this past year saw a 10% increase in their recruitment numbers from the previous year. It has allowed our chapters to spend less time doing administrative tasks such as updating their recruitment spreadsheet, updating contact information, and contacting recruits.

Watch a brief overview of the service:

Typically, successful PIKE chapters have replaced their greenbook chairman in the recruitment committee with a ChapterBuilder chairman. The ChapterBuilder Chairman is charged with implementation of the software and ensures proper training is received for the entire chapter.

  • Clean up database from previous year
  • Invite all active chapter members to utilize the software
  • Schedule a live training webinar for the chapter to attend
  • Ensure appropriate usage amongst the chapter
  • Guide members to download the mobile app
  • Continually add potential new members to the database

As a recruitment advisor, you are able to gain access to the chapter that you advise account and help ensure that they are properly utilizing the service. For more information, view this blog post that goes more in-depth on ChapterBuilder.

If you need help or have general questions, please email