Recruitment Advisor Accreditation, page 2

The Recommendation & Interview Process

Recruitment is the lifeblood of any membership organization and Pi Kappa Alpha is no different. Additionally, many problems chapters face can be fixed by recruitment. Poor chapter scholarship? Recruit smarter individuals. Not winning any intramural championships? Focus on recruiting club or former high school athletes. Poor chapter finances? Recruit more men.

Getting Recommendations

Pi Kappa Alpha encourages our chapters to recruit men that have been recommended to them. This is how PIKE conducts all of their expansion projects; no tabling, no flyers, no “open houses”. PIKE only meets with men that have been recommended on expansion projects and we encourage our chapters to do the same. The chapter recruitment team should gather recommendations from the below sources:

  • Alumni members
  • Sorority women
  • Campus leaders
  • Administration
  • Current members
Too often our chapter members take a passive roles in the recruitment process. While obviously not everyone can be the recruitment chairman, everyone in the chapter knows men on the campus that are not in a fraternity that would make a great PIKE member. As the recruitment advisor, you could lead semesterly “recommendation brainstorming” where the chapter members write down the list of men that they know that would be great PIKEs. Additionally, it is recommended that our recruitment advisors serve as the liaison to the broader alumni base to funnel recommendations from the alumni to the recruitment committee.

Interview Process

When evaluating and eventually bidding a rushee, it is highly encouraged to use a two-step interview process. This process gives you an opportunity to uncover the recruits’ thoughts and feelings on joining a fraternity, as well as to subtly sell him on why joining PIKE is a good idea. It also gives the recruit a very straightforward and professional impression. Using the interview process can be a valuable part of your chapter’s recruitment program for the purposes of educating rushees, generating names, and eventually closing the deal. For the purpose of keeping the process a bit less formal and making the rushee feel more comfortable, you may want to substitute the word “meeting” for “interview” when speaking to the rushee.

Interview I

This meeting is primarily meant to uncover the rushee’s concerns, needs, and objections, and to match the Fraternity’s benefits to their situation. You also will introduce the Fraternity and dispel any misconceptions that the rushee may have about joining.

Interview II

The second meeting is somewhat shorter. The primary purposes are to make sure he understands the commitments of joining, handle any further objections that he may have, and offer him a bid if you decide he deserves one.

A sample script for Interviews I and II can be found under Appendix D at the end of Section I of the recruitment handbook.

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