Recruitment Advisor Accreditation, page 1

Recruitment Overview

Recruitment is the lifeblood of any membership organization and Pi Kappa Alpha is no different. Additionally, many problems chapters face can be fixed by recruitment. Poor chapter scholarship? Recruit smarter individuals. Not winning any intramural championships? Focus on recruiting club or former high school athletes. Poor chapter finances? Recruit more men.

Pi Kappa Alpha Recruitment Philosophy

Pi Kappa Alpha has several recruitment axioms that we believe help our chapters accomplish their recruitment goals.

Axiom #1: Quantity and quality are not mutually exclusive.

Pi Kappa Alpha believes that our chapters are capable of recruiting the “most best men” on their campus. However, in order to that, vetting of the potential new-members must start early and often in the recruitment process. The chapter must also define what qualities the chapter holds in high value in their recruitment. Ideally, those qualities in men are high character, scholastic achievement, ambition/athletics, and leadership qualities.

Axiom #2: Men will join the best fraternity that they can find where they believe they will have the most best friends.

This is another run-on recruitment sentence that our recruitment consultants like to use on recruitment visits to drive a few points home to our chapters. The first point is the “that they can find” line. Our chapters must be actively recruiting individuals that they want to join their fraternity. They can’t expect potential new-members to find them. The other important line in the saying is the line “have the most best friends”. Young men join fraternities overwhelmingly based on the fraternity chapter they believe they will fit in with and thrive in. Our chapters must work to be welcoming, encouraging, and inclusive to men who are looking to join a fraternity.

As a recruitment advisor, it is important to understand these axioms and drive them home with the recruitment team of the chapter.

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