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A Few Other Notes on External Cabinet

Special Events

The special events chairman is often times a “catch all” for annual events that don’t particularly fall in a single bucket. For example, the special events chairman is typically in charge of hosting any parent’s weekend that that chapter might do each year to honor Moms/Dads. Additionally, the Special Events chairman typically coordinates homecoming activities that the chapter might participate in.

  • The Special Events chairman should coordinate parents weekend around the University’s parents weekend. The event should be used to highlight the positive impacts that the chapter is making not only on the members but also in the greater community.
  • Some chapters do a Mom’s weekend in the spring. While most moms will want some organized activities, it is also important to note that parents (moms especially) just want time to spend with their son.

Community Service & Philanthropy

One of the common things that is confused at the chapter level is the difference between community service and philanthropy. Community service is volunteering for a cause, non-profit, or community event in the local community. Examples of community service events: volunteering at an elementary school, cleaning a park, helping to work a high school track meet, etc. Participating in a sorority philanthropy event as a competitor is not community service hours.

Philanthropy dollars are defined as dollars that chapter members directly raised for a philanthropic cause (essentially a 501c3 organization). If an event that PIKE participates raised $500,000, but members of PIKE only contributed 25,000 to that event – then the philanthropy dollars attributed to PIKE should be 25,000 as opposed to 500,000.

Some tips for community service events:

  • Partner with an organization that can provide community service events/information to brothers. Many campuses have an office dedicated to campus and community outreach.
  • Take pictures of members participating in the community service events
  • Try to do at least one or two chapter wide community service events per semester. Service is more fun with your brothers!

PR & Marketing

Pi Kappa Alpha has stated for many years that the reality of how a campus, including administrators, view a chapter is the chapters image over time. Many of you might have heard this during a recruitment or chapter visit by a consultant when you were an undergraduate, but it still rings true today.

There has never been an easier time for the chapter to broadcast all the positive things that it is doing in their community. Through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., chapters have the ability to reach their alumni, their campus administration, parents, sorority women, and community leaders with one single post. While this is a good thing, it can also be a bad thing if used inappropriately.

Please see this PIKE Blog post for an in-depth overview on chapter public relations.


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