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Year End Summary Best Practices

Pi Kappa Alpha highly encourages its chapters to complete their annual Year End Summary (YES). The YES serves several purposes: the International awards application, a yearly progress report, and is a good way for chapters to catalog their programming and performance. The YES can be a challenge to fill out, but as operations advisor you can help to advise some best practices that should make the process easier.

The Year End Summary is divided into several categories: Membership, Operations, Brotherhood, and Leadership. Within each of the section, there are four operational subsections with 10 questions a piece. This means that the Year End Summary has 160 questions. Almost all of those questions have attachments that are required to support the answer to the question.


Due to the large amount of attachments required, the number one tip to help your chapter do better with the Year End Summary is to document everything. Proper documentation will allow the executive board to essentially “plug and play” their documents into the right questions.

When it comes to the Year End Summary, the same mindset applies. Think of this document as a comprehensive snapshot of everything your chapter has done in the last year. Treat your documentation as if the International Awards Committee has no idea what your chapter is like, and that whatever you’re supporting your answers with needs to be explicit in describing your chapter.

  • All programming areas should be written out. This will not only help on the Year End Summary but also with chapter transitions.
  • All events should be documented by the Historian as an event recap
  • Committee chairman that have reporting responsibilities should log pertinent information: community service hours, philanthropy, study hours, athletic wins, etc.

Use a Team-Based Approach

The Year End Summary has four major sections: Membership, Operations, Brotherhood, and Leadership. Within each section committee chairman should provide inputs to the secretary to complete that overall section.

A sample deadline for completion is below:

March 1st: Application Open – notify executive board and committee chairman of submission requirements. Set a schedule, delegate tasks, establish a communication model and set internal deadlines.

April 1st: Follow up with executive board and individual committee chairman on status of submission requirements.

April 10th: Final submission by committee chairmen to executive board of requirements. Executive board review inputs for completeness and accuracy.

April 15th: Submit reports to Chapter President and Chapter Advisor for review.

April 20th: Latest recommended date for data input to online application.

April 30th: Latest recommend date for Chapter President and Chapter Advisor to certify Year End Summary completion.

May 1st: Online application closes at Midnight Pacific time.

Download the International Awards Overview Document to help with assigning reporting responsibilities.

If you need help or have general questions, please email volunteer@pikes.org.