Operations Advisor Accreditation, page 1

Operations Overview

Thank you for continuing the advisor accreditation process into more specialized training for your role. The Fraternity hopes the next 20 or so minutes will be informative and explanatory as we explain some of the best recommendations for advising the operations of the chapter.

Your role as operations advisor is to help advise both the internal vice president and external vice president in their role overseeing their respective cabinets. While it might seem like there are a lot of positions to look after, ideally through delegation and proper cabinet management, all you need to do as operations advisor is work with the two vice presidents.

Below is an overview of the two vice president roles, and the roles of their respective cabinet.

External Cabinet

The external cabinet, which is led by the external vice president, carries out the operations of the chapter which are externally focused. The resources for their respective positions can be found on the Chapter Organization page of the website.

External Vice President responsibilities:

  • Plans and hosts weekly cabinet meetings
  • Delegating important tasks and following up on their completion
  • Managing the external budget and approving requests
  • Be a subject matter expert for external chapter programming
  • Responsible for everything in the external cabinet
  • Maintain regular communication with the operations advisor

Athletics Chairman responsibilities:

  • Coordinate and register the intramural teams for the chapter
  • Host intramural tryouts
  • Ensure that everyone who wants to play can find a team to play on (regardless of skill level)
  • Keep statistics

Community Service Chairman responsibilities:

  • Find ways to plug chapter members into existing community service events on campus
  • Track community service hours per member
  • Host one chapter/campus wide community service event per semester

Campus Involvement Chairman responsibilities:

  • Increase chapter member involvement in important and critical campus organizations
  • Find opportunities for members to find a club that aligns with their interest
  • Track chapter involvement

Social Chairman responsibilities:

  • Host social events that are in fun and safe environments
  • Be knowledgeable on safe event practices
  • Follow all local and state laws
  • Think of unique social events that are culturally appropriate

Special Events Chairman responsibilities:

  • Host a parent’s weekend
  • Coordinate with alumni relations chairman to plan and host a Founder’s Day event
  • Other event planning duties as assigned

Internal Cabinet

The internal cabinet, led by the internal vice president, carries out the area of chapter operations that are internally focused. A strong internal vice president has the opportunity to drastically improve the chapter in many important ways: scholarship, alumni relations, awards recognition, and brotherhood.

Internal Vice President responsibilities:

  • Plans and hosts weekly cabinet meetings
  • Delegating important tasks and following up on their completion
  • Managing the internal budget and approving requests
  • Be a subject matter expert in internal chapter operations
  • Responsible for everything in the internal cabinet
  • Maintain regular communication with the operations advisor

Alumni Relations Chairman responsibilities:

  • Send at least two chapter newsletters per month
  • Hold two alumni events per year (one in the fall, one in the spring)
  • Help implement an alumni-chapter mentoring program
  • Coordinate with the alumni association

Historian Chairman responsibilities:

  • Create a log of chapter events through tenure and store the history/pictures
  • Help with the year end summary
  • Create written logs of important events

Brotherhood Chairman responsibilities:

  • Host at least two brotherhood events/dinners each semester
  • Create fun opportunities for men to hang out and do something fun
  • Create a “Brother of the Week” award

Scholarship Chairman responsibilities:

  • Create minimum scholastic expectations for the chapter
  • Coordinate with the sergeant at arms to hold those who fall below minimum expectations accountable
  • Create study groups for those with similar majors/classes in the chapter
  • Help to create an academic plan for those who are scholastically struggling

Fundraising Chairman responsibilities:

  • Raise funds for a special project
  • Raise funds for house improvements

As mentioned previously, we do not expect the operations advisor to be subject matter experts in every single area of chapter operational programming. However, the operations advisor can help the two vice presidents manage their cabinets, provide suggestions and ideas for programming, and mentor on leadership. For many vice presidents, this will be the first time that they have someone report to them in their life and with that responsibility many challenges can arise.

If you need help or have general questions, please email volunteer@pikes.org.