Health & Safety Advisor Accreditation Sign-Off

Resetting the Baseline

Fraternity chapters have a habit of being cyclical – some years the chapters are great and other years not so great. As an advisor, our job is to try to smooth out those peaks and valleys by being a stabilizing force. However, at times a chapter can come to the point of needing to reset expectations and member commitment. This can be a result of poor health & safety practices, the lack of accountability within the brotherhood, or simply members who fail to meet the bare minimum expectations of the chapter with no interest in changing.

The International Fraternity staff receives requests from chapters multiple times per year to conduct a membership review for their chapter. While the staff will try to honor as many of them as possible, the staff also has limited resources to travel to every chapter that requests a review.

Due to these requests, and in the spirit of self-governance, the International Fraternity staff have developed resources that can help the chapter leadership – in conjunction with the advisory board – conduct a membership re-commitment that will help reset the chapters baseline. The chapter and advisory board should assess the current deficiencies of the chapter, set expectations, and see what members fall below those expectations. The resources for the member re-commitment process, in addition to a sample membership contract, can be found here.


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