Finance Advisor Accreditation, page 1

Finance Advisor Overview

Welcome to the finance advisor accreditation. Solid financial practices and controls are one of the most important aspects of any business. A Pi Kappa Alpha Chapter is no different; proper and prudent chapter finances set the chapter up for success in every operational way. As the finance advisor, it is your role to help the chapter treasurer and his committee carry out their duties and responsibilities as best as possible. Chapters, through OmegaFi, have significant financial resources available that can help make their job easier.

Main Responsibilities of Chapter Treasurer

The treasurer’s main responsibility is to be the chief financial officer of the chapter. He is in charge of helping to plan the budget, bill and collect dues, file taxes, and monitor and approve spending. For chapters with chapter houses and a large amount of members, this amount of money can easily be into the 6-figure amount per semester. As you can imagine, with that much money on the line, the treasurer is one of the most vital roles in the entire Fraternity.

While that can seem like a lot to advise on, it is the Fraternity’s goal that the following accreditation and education for you as the finance advisor can lead you to best support the chapter treasurer in his role.

If you need help or have general questions, please email