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New Member Education

Another benefit of the True PIKE Experience is that it should help to standardize the Pi Kappa Alpha new-member education for all of the members. For many members, the new-member process is one of the most uplifting part of their life as they join a brotherhood for life. For still too many, the new-member period still leaves them resenting older members in the chapter and exposes them to dangerous activity. Pi Kappa Alpha is committed to stopping hazing. As an education advisor, by being actively involved and aware of what the chapter is doing for new-member education, you can make a direct impact on stopping it at the local level. This section will highlight the ideal new-member education process and the philosophy of new-member education that PIKE has.

Purposes of New Member Education

Pi Kappa Alpha believes that new-member education is simply just an onboarding process for men joining the local chapter. The new-member education process should not be a “weed out” period or a time for the chapter to “see who really wants it”. Let’s look at this from a hiring (human resources) perspective. If I were to hire someone (i.e. extend a bid to someone), just to find out two weeks later I want to fire them (remove them from the new member class), do you think I would have my job for very long in human resources? Probably not.

Onboarding should be the goal of your chapter’s new member education - nothing more, nothing less. Some of Pi Kappa Alpha’s best chapters view it this way and that is why they have more engaged and involved members, therefore translating into having a better chapter and overall fraternity experience. Remember, the onboarding time frame (new member education) is such a small component in the member experience. You have the entirety of your time in the chapter to get developed through the True PIKE Experience, so don’t get caught up in the idea that they have to know everything at the end of their new member education period.

Four Week New Member Education Plan

Week 1:

  • Meeting 1: go through calendar, myPIKE registration, GreekLifeEDU training, review Pi Kappa Alpha Standards and Position Statement on Hazing, overview mentoring program
  • Meeting 2: health & safety review, Pi Kappa Alpha Preamble, Vission, Mission, and Creed, True PIKE Experience.

Week 2:

  • Meeting 1: review week 1 information, PIKE recruitment philosophy, name generation activity (for post-game rush), review PIKE external and internal recruitment philosophies
  • Meeting 2: review chapter leadership structure, meeting management, chapter expectations/membership contract, chapter finances, financial accountability

Week 3:

  • Meeting 1: review chapter leadership and recruitment information, begin discussing chapter and PIKE history,
  • Meeting 2: discuss International Fraternity, changes throughout International Fraternity, PIKE University,

Week 4:

  • Meeting 1: professional dress, interview techniques, grooming,
  • Meeting 2: tradition and symbols of Pi Kappa Alpha
  • Initiation
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