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Pi Kappa Alpha Mentoring Program

At the 2018 International Convention in Richmond, VA, the International Fraternity body voted to remove the terminology “big brother” and “big brother night/reveal” from its lexicon. The reason for this is simple: too many dangerous events, both for Pi kappa Alpha and other fraternities, have happened at the “big brother night”. These nights too often devolve into a night where dangerous and illegal activity occur. While the name change might not completely eradicate that, the Fraternity must begin to continue to take a stand against these events.

Moving forward, the positive aspects of a “big brother” relationship can stay and the name of the program moving forward will be the Pi Kappa Alpha Mentor Program. As an education advisor, it is recommended that you encourage the chapter to work away from the big brother program and end a “big brother reveal night”. They are proving, almost on a yearly basis, to be too dangerous to continue. A brief overview of the mentoring program follows below to familiarize yourself with as education advisor.

What is a Mentor?

The True PIKE Experience is a fully developed program built with the PIKE members in mind so all that chapters must do is plan, prepare, and execute.

What Impact Can You Make as a Mentor?

  • You can positively impact the future of someone else
  • You can play a role in reducing a member’s failure in college and the chapter
  • You can help improve grades and class attendance
  • You can help prevent drug and alcohol problems and intervene if they do happen
  • You can give young people an inside track to a successful future

New Member & Brother Leader Mentor Relationship Timeline

Considering that a mentor/mentee relationship is going to take time to build, it is recommended that the mentor is a junior (fraternity leader) when he takes his freshman mentee (new member). By doing this, the mentor can guide his mentee all throughout his freshmen and sophomore years, while the mentor is going through his junior and senior years. By then, hopefully that mentee is ready to take on a role as a mentor when he becomes a junior (fraternity leader). The graphic below helps to illustrate this relationship timeline.

Fraternity Leader & Community Leader Mentor Relationship Timeline

As the mentee progresses through the True PIKE Experience, the undergraduate mentor/mentee relationship will end when the mentee becomes a fraternity leader (junior), where he is now ready to assume the role of a mentor. The reason this relationship will end is because his mentor may graduate, they may leave school, or the mentee may simply outgrow the mentor’s perspective. Whatever the case may be, and whenever this time may come, the mentee (now a fraternity leader) may choose to identify a new individual to offer advice and perspective during the remainder of their undergraduate journey through the True PIKE Experience as well gain career advice. This new mentor should be a leader in the chapter, campus, or community who serves to help guide and give feedback for the remainder of their time as an undergraduate and as they make plans for life beyond academic walls. This mentor can be a PIKE alumnus, a faculty member, a local community leader, someone with a similar major, or anyone else they hold in high esteem and from whom they choose to solicit guidance and support. The graphic below helps to illustrate this relationship timeline.

Relationship Timeline

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