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True PIKE Experience

At the 2018 convention in Richmond, VA, Pi Kappa Alpha delegates voted to adopt the True PIKE Experience as the Fraternity’s holistic member development. By doing this, the Fraternity’s convention body showed commitment to recognizing that the Fraternity education experience does not just end at initiation but continues throughout all of their undergraduate time. As the education advisor, it is recommended that you advise the chapter on proper implementation of the True PIKE Experience and advise the Membership Development Vice President.

The True PIKE Experience (TPE) consists of 64 educational sessions that are given over the course of 8 semesters to our undergraduate men. The sessions cover topics that range from Fraternity leadership and ritual education to personal finance and health & wellness. The sessions are, ideally, peer facilitated by older members in the chapter which make the chapter members more likely to engage in honest conversation through the session. The Membership Development Vice President t is typically appointed by the chapter president or executive board – this way they can appoint the member who is most skilled at carrying this out and not just whoever is the most popular person.

Below is a video by former Director of Membership Development Devon Teixeira on the True PIKE Experience.

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