Education Advisor Accreditation, page 1

Education Advisor Introduction

Thank you for taking the time to begin the education advisor accreditation program. We hope that this program will provide you with the information that is necessary to effectively execute your role as education advisor. The education advisor serves as a resource to the Membership Development Vice President for the True PIKE Experience program. Before we go further, please see the blueprint for the education advisor below.

Education Advisor Responsibilities

Responsibility: Advise the Membership Development Vice President with management and goal setting for the chapter member development program

    • Estimated time requirement – 1-2 weekends per semester (goal setting retreats, transition retreats, and PIKE University Leadership Summits) and bi-weekly communication

Recommended By-Weekly Tasks:

  • Communicate with the Membership Development VP; sample agenda:
    • Review of goals/strategic priorities
    • Address progress towards completion of quarter/semester goals
    • General planning updates
    • Advisor question: “Are you delegating and utilizing the member development team?”
    • Review of action plan moving forward
    • Any budget needs that need to be addressed
    • Review of next call time & date

Recommended Monthly Tasks:

  • Attend/Call-in to a member development cabinet meeting
  • Communicate with AAB Chairman and/or the AAB via phone or email
  • Review of position goals

Recommended Quarterly Tasks:

  • Assist with the development of the True PIKE Experience educational curriculum calendar, including four-week new member education program
  • Assist in review of the True PIKE Experience member development program
  • Assist in the planning, preparing, and execution of the True PIKE Experience member development program
  • Assist chapter events/speakers coordinator with finding alumni speakers for continued education speakers series
  • Ensure new members are reported to the International Fraternity within 7 days after new member pinning
  • Ensure future brothers are reported to the International Fraternity no later than five days prior to initiation
  • Ensure all supplemental material and supplies are ordered/prepared for the True PIKE Experience education program (i.e. Garnet & Gold handbooks, facilitator guides, slide decks, etc.)

Recommended AnnualTasks:

  • Host a Ritual education session, and assist with the chapter’s Ritual.
  • Assist with the Membership Development VP and member development cabinet transitioning
  • Attend the regional PIKE University Leadership Summit

If you need help or have general questions, please email