Financial Accommodations

In 152 years of existence, Pi Kappa Alpha has never faced a challenge quite like we do today with COVID-19.

Everyone’s lives have been disrupted in one way or another. So disrupted in fact, that for the first time since World War II, the Fraternity had to postpone its International Convention.

Chapters, members, and the Fraternity are struggling. The Fraternity wants to assist chapters and undergraduate members to the best of its ability. To ensure perseverance for members, chapters, and the Fraternity, the International Fraternity has put together various resources and aid to best assist chapters and members through this tumultuous time. Some of these resources and aid include:

  • COVID-19 Budget Template - Designed to work almost in reverse of how a normal budget template works. With this template, you can enter your fixed (and projected) expenses you expect to incur as a chapter, and this will calculate the minimum amount of dues you would need to charge each initiate and new member to cover those costs.
  • Late fees waived through December 31, 2020. This decision has been made to support any chapters who may be struggling to collect funds and pay their assessments, to give them greater flexibility without incurring any type of penalty.
  • The substance-free housing credit has been increased to $2,000. The standard substance-free housing credit is $1,000/year. This year, any chapters who meet the definition of having chapter housing and elect through the substance-free housing form to maintain substance-free housing will receive a credit of $2,000, which will completely offset the cost of the housing assessment as part of the Liability Protection Program.
  • Chapters on campuses where classes are being held online-only for the Fall 2020 term can apply for a per-initiate fee waiver. This has been done in an effort to provide relief to chapters at schools that are not allowing any class or activities to take place in person. The per-initiate fee helps fund chapter service and resource programs and helps in providing a more well-rounded approach to assisting and improving chapters, which chapters prohibited from meeting may not be able to take advantage of.

For more information contact the Pi Kappa Alpha Foundation at (901) 748-1948 or