Chapter Advisor Accreditation, page 6

Volunteer Support Structure

The Volunteer Support Structure was developed to show the different layers that are available to you, as a volunteer, for support. Please do not hesitate to use all the resources in the chart as you work with the local chapter.

Local Volunteer Support Structure

The Local Volunteer Support Structure is used to show the relationship between the three alumni entities and the chapter. As shown below, the three entities revolve around the chapter and work seamlessly together. When all three alumni groups are working together, the chapter will benefit to a higher degree than when all three groups are working separately.

volunteer interaction

The Stakeholder Forum

Another way to think about, and develop, structures for alumnus and student member cooperation is the Stakeholder Forum concept. A Stakeholder Forum is a group composed of chapter's stakeholders: the chapter president, the chapter advisor, the house corporation president, the alumni association president and the regional president (as a representative of the International Fraternity). A Forum may convene on a quarterly basis in order to facilitate communication and address mutual needs. The structure looks something like this:

  • Provide its members with brotherhood, social, personal development, leadership and service programs and opportunities - consistent with the Fraternity's vision, mission and creed.
  • Serve as a sounding board for the chapter, especially the executive council.
  • Provide brotherhood and social opportunities for area alumni.
  • Assist in recruiting and connecting area alumni volunteers; represent the interests of the International Fraternity.
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