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Managing Your Advisory Board

As chapter advisor, or alumni advisory board chairman, part of your responsibilities are to help manage the alumni advisory board, hold them accountable, and ensure that the board is working together as a team. The best chapters benefit from advisory boards that work together as a team with each advisor doing their part to support the undergraduate chapter.

Act Like a Team

Many high performing teams act, communicate, and hold team members accountable. The advisory board is no different.

Set Expectations

Similar to the chapter, without expectations, there can be no accountability. Below are some of the basic expectations to set with your fellow advisory board members:

  • Communicate, at minimum, twice per month with their respective undergraduate members.
  • Attend the annual transition and goal setting retreat
  • Recap their communication with the advisory board at least once per month
  • Attend at least one chapter meeting per semester


As with most things in life, it is better to over communicate than under communicate as an advisory board. It is recommended that the alumni advisory board chairman or chapter advisor host a monthly conference call among the advisors so that they can recap what is going on with the chapter, any events coming up, and points of emphasis for the advisors to note. If a conference call is not feasible for the group, the advisors can send short, 1-2 paragraph update about the conversations that they have had with their respective undergraduates. These updates are not only a great way to share information, but also work to hold advisors accountable to speaking with their undergraduate members.

Additionally, there are certain times of the year where the advisors are encouraged to communicate more than just twice a month. For example, leading up to recruitment, the recruitment advisor is highly encouraged to begin communicating at a more frequent rate with the recruitment chairman.


Advisors have a lot of competing interests in their lives: family, work, faith, and other activities. The Fraternity is thankful for any time that they are able to give back to Fraternity. However, we also trust that our advisors will see their commitments to the chapter through. As chapter advisor and/or advisory board chairman, the hope is that you will be able to motivate and inspire your fellow advisors to do just that. Feel free to challenge your advisors and hold them accountable to the expectations that you have set.

Some great ways to hold your board accountable is to put events/meetings/calls on the calendar. You can do this via a shared google calendar, outlook calendar, or a project/team management platform like Freedcamp. Freedcamp is a free team management platform where you can store documents, schedule calls, assign tasks, etc. You can find more about Freedcamp, and other strategies for advising using technology by looking at our remote advising resource below.

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