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To recruit the right men, recruit the right way.
Delta Delta Bid Day

If selected, one or two professional PIKE staff members will work hand-in-hand with your chapter, focusing solely on recruitment. Recruitment is the lifeblood of this Fraternity. Winning recruitment means a better fraternity experience.


  • Live hands-on recruitment training for your full chapter
  • Strategic planning with the recruitment chair and committee
  • Name generation tactics
  • How to plan and execute successful rush events
  • Selling PIKE to the highest quality men on campus
  • How to improve sorority relations while getting recruitment recommendations from them
  • How to use recruitment to become the undisputed leader on your campus in ONE semester, regardless of where you currently stand!

...all at no cost to your chapter.

Request a Recruitment Visit
Thank you for your interest in PIKE. If you have questions, please contact the recruitment department at or 901-748-1868 ext. 1129.