In alignment with Pi Kappa Alpha’s mission to develop men of integrity, intellect and high moral character the Fraternity offers GreekLifeEDU as a tool to assist its membership in becoming better educated about alcohol, hazing and sexual assault.

About GreekLifeEDU

Starting in January 2018, Pi Kappa Alpha partnered with EverFi to help educate our members on issues surrounding hazing, sexual assault, and the abuse of alcohol and other drugs.

We realize the challenges of entering the collegiate environment and want to prepare our members to face these challenges and make good decisions for themselves, their brothers, and their guests.

GreekLifeEDU uses a non-opiniated, research-based curriculum to directly educate and inform.

We are excited to offer GreekLifeEDU. By leveraging the latest research and trends and incorporating multiple evidence-based learning theories, GreekLifeEDU helps achieve behavior change objectives, helps students practice safe decision-making, and empowers students to make well-informed decisions by providing simple strategies to help keep them and their friends safe.

What is GreekLifeEDU?

GreekLifeEDU offers a confidential, personalized experience for each student.

GreekLifeEDU has two parts.

Part 1 includes a pre-survey in addition to the training.

Part 2 becomes available after a 15-day wait period.

Part 1 includes:

Five modules of content featuring videos, scenarios, interactive activities and more.

  1. Introduction with pre-course survey
  2. Have a Plan – Alcohol Module covering areas such as BAC, risky behaviors, protective strategies, alcohol poisoning, and refusal skills
  3. Live Your Values – Hazing Module covering criteria, social norms, why hazing happens, refusal skills and consequences
  4. Create a Safe Community – Sexual Assault Module covering health relationships, identifying red flags, understanding sexual assault, stepping in, and supporting survivors
  5. Conclusion – includes a post-module survey and course exam.A score of 70 percent is required for credit.

Training takes approximately 60 minutes. Once completed, there is a 15-day intercessional period and Part 2

Part 2 is a review of Part 1 and helps reinforce learning. Members will revisit personal values and strengths and review key points from the alcohol, hazing, and sexual assault modules.

Once complete with Part 2, the member has completed the training.

FAQ – GreekLifeEDU

Q: What if our campus already requires us to take GreekLifeEDU? Do we still have to take this version?

A: Yes. Pi Kappa Alpha’s version of GreekLifeEDU contains information specific to Pi Kappa Alpha policies and standards. Additionally, due to confidentiality protections within the EverFi system, personal information of any type, including previous completion, cannot be shared with the International Fraternity.

Q: How do our members access GreekLifeEDU?

A: Initiates and new members will access GreekLifeEDU through the myPIKE member portal available on the top menu of Once logged in, they should click on the GreekLifeEDU link on the left sidebar menu under APPLICATIONS to set up their account and start the course.

Q: Is GreekLifeEDU different from AlcoholEDU?

A: Yes. GreekLifeEDU is a specialized program that targets alcohol, hazing, and sexual assault and is designed to better meet the needs of students joining Greek organizations like Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity.

Q: What if our campus requires us to take TIPS training, Alcohol 101 or some other type of alcohol, sexual assault, or hazing related workshops? Do our members still have to take GreekLifeEDU?

A: Yes. As of right now, GreekLifeEDU is Pi Kappa Alpha’s online training program for addressing the important topics of alcohol abuse and misuse, hazing, and sexual assault. GreekLifeEDU has proven effective in empowering our members to make well-informed decisions and help them better cope with the behavior of their peers.

Q: Will chapter officers or advisors be able to track member participation in GreekLifeEDU?

A: Yes. Each chapter executive council and alumni advisory board will receive reports distributed by Fraternity staff on a weekly basis.

Q: What if a member fails the Exam (scores less than 70%)?

A: If a member fails the exam they will be given instructions in the course to retake the exam. Be sure to advise members that they must retake and pass the exam to receive credit.

Q: Is our chapter required to have all members complete the GreekLifeEDU program? If so, what happens if members choose not to participate?

A: Yes. If all initiates and new members have not completed Part 2 of the training, the chapter will not be eligible for International awards. New members who have not completed training will not be allowed to be reported as initiates of the Fraternity.

Q: What is the deadline for completing the course?

A: All members should complete the program by April 1st. Completion is defined as finishing Part 2 and passing the exam with a grade of 70% or better. New members should complete the course through Part 2 prior to initiation.

Q: What will happen if our members do not complete the course by the deadline?

A: Your chapter will not be eligible for International Awards.

Q: If we complete GreekLifeEDU for Pi Kappa Alpha, will I have to take the course again for our chapter to be eligible for awards next year?

A: No. Members will not have to complete the course every year. However, all new members will have to complete the course.

Q: What happens if one of our new members leaves the chapter before the deadline or if a member graduates in December? Will those individuals be counted against a chapter?

A: Ensure your roster is accurate regarding member status to avoid ineligibility.

Q: Can our members take the course together?

A: Each user will create their own account when accessing the program through the myPIKE portal. Credit will also be assigned to individual members. The chapter could certainly organize a trip to the campus computer lab to take the course as a group at individual computers.

Q: I have additional questions about the course. Where can I go to learn more or get help?

A: Check out for information about the course, its benefits, and how to get started. Additionally, the GreekLifeEDU Online Technical Support Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should users experience any difficulties or require support. Simply click on the gear icon located in the upper right-hand corner of every GreekLifeEDU screen and select “Help.”

Members will need a computer with internet access and audio capability to complete the course.

For more information, contact Pi Kappa Alpha at (901) 748-1868 or