It's very simple: PIKE does not tolerate hazing.

Many have experienced hazing in high school, either as a new member of an athletic team, a school band or a school social group. Hazing is often glorified in movies, and can take many forms. The most serious is direct physical abuse, such as being paddled, to a milder form, such as push‑ups, to subtler approaches, such as drinking games.

Each chapter is aware that hazing is not acceptable conduct for any members to inflict upon one another and that no one should submit to any form of hazing as a condition of membership. Every member should refuse to participate in any hazing activity and, as importantly, should refuse to permit hazing being inflicted upon them.

If a member is approached and asked to participate in an activity which may be considered hazing:

  • The member should refuse to participate in hazing; and
  • Know that such refusal will not place his membership in Pi Kappa Alpha at risk; and
  • Immediately report it to a chapter officer.

The purpose in providing this information is not because any members intend to haze new members. However, when there are several personalities in a chapter, there is a remote possibility that some individual may, on the spur of the moment, ignore the Chapter's prohibition on hazing, and attempt a hazing activity with a new member. Everyone should understand their rights and not be intimidated.

Each member has a personal responsibility not to condone any sort of hazing.

To demonstrate our commitment to anti-Hazing and treating others with dignity and respect, Pi Kappa Alpha incorporates focused sessions on anti-Hazing into our new member training, continuing education, and PIKE U event programming.

We also partner with organizations dedicated to elimination of hazing. is a national organization dedicated to its mission of empowering people to prevent hazing in college and university student groups.

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