Health & Safety

Above all else, Pi Kappa Alpha cares about the health and safety of our members and guests.

What is PIKE Health & Safety?

The PIKE Health & Safety program provides strategies for students focusing on:

  • Expectations
  • Intervention
  • Accountability

These three areas have always been central to Pi Kappa Alpha’s educational efforts. Health & Safety provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to chapter operations.

Moreover, the health and safety of Pi Kappa Alpha members and guests is what we are striving to achieve and, ultimately, what matters most.

What does this mean for the overall Fraternity?

Pi Kappa Alpha continues to focus on educational efforts empowering members and volunteers to operate from a principle of self-governance within the framework of the Fraternity’s Standards. Resources and education encompass the fundamental obligation to “do the right thing” and how to meet that obligation.

PIKE will continue to emphasize the importance of understanding expectations established by Fraternal Standards; however, we also provide training resources that empower chapters to adopt student–driven chapter leadership and successfully establish behavior expectations for members and guests based on the law, fraternal standards, and institutional policies.

Furthermore, chapter leadership will continue to be provided support in the development of intervention strategies to increase understanding of expectations and models for implementing chapter-level accountability when brothers or guests act outside of the stated standards of behavior.

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