Other than the vice president of membership development whose role is to act as a manager and oversee the execution of the TPE, and the chapter events/speakers coordinator whose role is to facilitate chapter-wide education through guest speakers or promoting on-campus educational events, each educator in the member development cabinet’s roles are similar except for the progression phase they are responsible for and the content that they deliver. Below is a general idea of what an educator is and what he does in his role.


Job Description

As the fraternity leader educator, you are the primary educator and organizer of the fraternity leader curriculum and involvement within your chapter.

The following lists are examples and are not intended to be exhaustive or exclude other responsibilities as determined by the Chapter.


  • Become familiar with all member development resources in myPIKE including curriculum, facilitator guides, presentations, position handbooks and all other supplemental resources
  • Facilitate progression phase curriculum
  • Plan, organize and coordinate the member development sessions schedule each semester/quarter
  • Assess members on progress with learning objectives
  • Encourage older members (fraternity leaders or community leaders) to assume mentorship roles, or encourage younger members (new members or brother leaders) to work with their mentors and assist with the overall execution of the mentor program
  • Take roll at each member development session in order to track and measure attendance
  • Report during chapter meeting: Member development session schedule and involvement updates


  • Ensure at least 80% of minimum required attendance is achieved by each member at their respective progression phase’s member development sessions
  • Ensure members are achieving set goals and involvement benchmarks

Weekly Tasks

  • Attend weekly member development cabinet meetings
  • Report progress to the Membership Development Vice President
  • Prepare supplemental material
  • Prepare and become familiar with weekly/bi-weekly educational presentations

Monthly Tasks

  • Update and revise curriculum as needed

Completion of Position

Review position with the Membership Development Vice President and return any written notes to successor and any other materials that were developed during your tenure as the fraternity leader educator for future use.

By better understanding your role you are setting yourself up for success, but remember it is going to take time and dedication for you to truly be successful. Pi Kappa Alpha will be here every step of the way, so be sure to learn more about your specific educator role by checking out either the New Member Educator, Brother Leader Educator, Fraternity Leader Educator, or Community Leader Educator handbooks and all supplemental resources by visiting the myPIKE Resource Center.

Devon T. Teixeira

Director of Membership Development