Although progression-based member development is a best practice executed through the True PIKE Experience (TPE), the Fraternity’s vehicle of member development, there are plenty of opportunities to facilitate chapter-wide continuing education that complements the TPE or provides information that may not be covered in the TPE content. The chapter events/speakers coordinator exists to provide complementary education through guest speakers whether they are alumni, campus professionals, parents or otherwise, and by marketing educational events happening on campus or within the community.

What I want to walk you through are three main ideas to help operationalize the role of the chapter events/speaker coordinator at your chapter in order to provide more value to your membership.

Chapter Facilitated Events

At the outset of every semester or quarter, the chapter events/speaker coordinator should evaluate the entirety of chapter activities for the semester and determine how those activities can present education opportunities to the members throughout semester. The members already learn skills through various programs and activities, but in order to fully develop, our members must think about the actions. This requires education before the event and reflections afterwards.

When you think about chapter events, what are some that come to mind where member development opportunities exist? I’m sure quite a few come to mind, but let’s use an alumni golf tournament that is hosted by an alumni association in conjunction with the chapter as our example. The alumni golf tournament can be a fantastic opportunity to learn networking, conversation skills and even golfing skills.

Speakers – Create Your Own Speaker Series

You might be familiar with TED Talks or the Ignite Speaker Series, where speakers discuss items that may be relevant to current events, or something the speaker is passionate about. Your chapter can establish something similar where you host an alumnus, campus professional or parent to present on something the chapter isn’t familiar with, or a series of these types of speakers who can present something rapid fire, like the Ignite Speaker Series. This can be members of the chapter or a combination of members, parents, alumni or campus professionals. This can be a fun way to engage some external stakeholders and really help with the chapter’s public relations.

Speakers – On-Campus Educational Events/Speakers

Often, most universities host some type of speaker series on campus that may cover anything under the sun. It can unfold itself in the form of a President’s Lecture Series, a TEDtalk but branded around the university, or anything similar. Part of the role of the chapter events/speaker coordinator should be to market these events to the membership in order to provide an outlet for members to discover something new and encourage well-rounded individual growth. These on-campus events can easily be reported on during chapter meetings. Be able to describe the who, what, when, where, and why in order to effectively market it to the membership.

Those three ideas are just a glimpse into what the chapter events/speaker coordinator can do with his role. To learn more about operationalizing the role of the chapter event/speaker coordinator, be sure to check out the chapter events/speaker handbook, which can also be found in the myPIKE Resource Center (myPIKE > Resource Center > Pi Kappa Alpha folder > Chapter Officer Resources folder > VP of Membership Development folder > Chapter Events/Speakers Coordinator folder).

Devon T. Teixeira

Director of Membership Development