As established by the Fraternity’s conventions attended by its various chapters, each chapter and colony of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity shall maintain The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity Standards as a condition of its charter as a chapter in good standing with the Fraternity or as a prerequisite for a colony to obtain a charter from the Fraternity. Each member and officer of a chapter or colony shall comply with the Standards as a condition to maintain his membership and/or officer position in good standing with the chapter or colony.

Each chapter or colony is encouraged to adopt and enforce additional standards suitable for their specific circumstances.

As health & safety officer, you should work to educate the members on various policies and expectations. You should see to it that these Standards are implemented; in particular, the health and safety chairman should insure that these policies are integrated into the Chapter’s social program.

This duty is not an easy one. It will take a great deal of leadership and skill but most of all it will take teamwork. Take time to educate the membership on why such plans are necessary, and most importantly, be prepared to stand your ground. Whether the forum is an executive council meeting, committee meetings, chapter meetings or an informal setting, give no ground in the fight for effective health and safety practices. The health and safety committee should ensure that the chapter is properly educated on the Standards as well as the chapter’s specific health and safety policies and procedures.

The Standards should be signed by the chapter president at the beginning of each academic term and sent to the Memorial Headquarters to confirm that the chapter has reviewed and educated its members on the Standards.

By signing this document, the president acknowledges that he has read the Standards to the chapter or colony at a regularly scheduled meeting and will continue to do so again at the first meeting of each school term for as long as he is president, or instruct his successor to do so. He also acknowledges that the Standards have been posted in a conspicuous place throughout the chapter/colony facility or that it is made readily available to every member by either electronic means or distributed to the entire membership.

The chapter or colony can obtain an electronic PDF version of the Standards by clicking on the chapter resources section of the Fraternity’s website ( As health & safety officer you are charged with creating and revising the chapter health and safety policy, and one of the most important components of that policy and a condition on the chapter’s charter or a prerequisite for a colony is abiding by ALL of the Standards. Therefore, it is a recommended practice that you print off a copy of the Standards and include them in the chapter’s/colony’s health and safety program.

As it has been explained, the Standards are a condition of a chapter’s charter or a colony’s prerequisite to receive its charter, it is extremely important that the chapter or colony review and comply with the Standards in order to provide a safe environment for all members and guests of the chapter or colony.

Jarrett M. Way

Director of Educational Content & Strategy