What is ChapterBuilder?

The main reason people join our Fraternity is because of a relationship they have with our members. ChapterBuilder has made the managing of year-round relationships a priority. In other words, recruitment just got easier, friendlier, and a whole lot smarter.

No more spreadsheets.

ChapterBuilder can help identify potential new members for you, alert you when it’s time to follow up, and get all your members and advisors involved. This helps keep recruitment organized so that you never miss a potential new member again and even provides real-time analytics to make your recruitment process smarter than ever!

Why should my chapter use ChapterBuilder?

Chapters using ChapterBuilder software saw initiations grow by an average of five percent. Working smartly and efficiently gives Pi Kappa Alpha chapters a competitive advantage in recruitment.

How do I access my chapter’s FREE account?

The president or recruitment chairman for your chapter (as reported in Vault) received an email from noreply@chapterbuilder.com (be sure to check your spam folder).

Once you receive the email, click the link which will prompt you to create your personal account. After this step, you will be redirected to the chapter’s ChapterBuilder account. For important recommended next steps, see below.

Recommended Next Steps

Invite all chapter members to the ChapterBuilder account
1. Login to your account

2. Click on the grid icon near the top right of your screen to access the settings

3. Click on the gear icon

4. Click the “Team” tab near the top

5. Simply import your entire chapter roster

An admin may then edit each individual's access level (automatically uploaded as Team Members)

Different Access Levels
Team Administrator

  • President, head recruitment chairman, and ChapterBuilder chairman
  • Access to settings, modify PNMs, leave notes, approve new team member requests
Team Leaders
  • Other members of the recruitment committee
  • Access to modify PNMs, leave notes
Team Members
  • Remaining chapter members
  • Access to view PNMs and leave notes
Team Coach
  • Chapter and recruitment advisors
  • Access to view the account
Request a live webinar training to learn all of the unique features
  1. Visit www.chapterbuilder.com
  2. Click “Request a Demo” on the home page (while logged out of your account)
  3. Select a time that works best
  • Best practice is to schedule a time when the entire chapter may be in attendance and watch on a projector (ie. Replace a chapter meeting with a live webinar)
Ensure all chapter members download the free iPhone and Android app
  • Click Here for iPhone
  • Android app available July 1, 2017.
Capitalize on automatic or “yellow star” leads
Read more about these automatic leads on the ChapterBuilder blog by clicking Here.

Restructure your recruitment committee
Was someone previously in charge of managing your green book or excel spreadsheet for recruitment? When utilizing ChapterBuilder it is imperative that one member of the recruitment committee oversees the day-to-day usage of the software amongst chapter members. And this individual shouldn’t be your head recruitment chairman; delegate tasks and get more members involved!

Here is a sample job description and responsibilities for the ChapterBuilder Chairman:

The ChapterBuilder Chairman is charged with implementation of the software and ensures proper training is received for the entire chapter.
  • Clean up database from previous year
  • Invite all active chapter members to utilize the software
  • Schedule a live training webinar for the chapter to attend
  • Ensure appropriate usage amongst the chapter
  • Guide members to download the mobile app
  • Continually add potential new members to the database

The video below gives an overview of ChapterBuilder


  • Every chapter should access their account as soon as possible
  • Everyone in the chapter should be invited
  • Alumni coach should be added (Recruitment or chapter advisor)
  • The first 30 days are crucial
    • Don’t make ChapterBuilder the enemy by creating punishments for lack of participation.
    • Instead, use incentives and encourage members to use the software. Use the scoring system to help you identify brothers that need to be encouraged a little more.
    • Share success stories often and make the software a crucial part of the recruitment program.
    • Make comments that make the traditional greenbook seem obsolete and old. Example: “In the old days, we called it a “greenbook.”
    • Best practice is to schedule a time when the entire chapter may be in attendance and watch on a projector.

Questions about ChapterBuilder? Contact our director of membership growth at rushpike@pikes.org.

Jarrett M. Way

Director of Educational Content & Strategy