You’ve heard it before, recruitment is the lifeblood of our Fraternity. Without it, our Fraternity would cease to exist. Recruitment videos, when done correctly, can propel your chapter to the next level.

A well-produced recruitment video shows potential new members, alumni, parents, and the community the benefits of Greek life, and more importantly, the benefits of joining PIKE.

So what makes a great recruitment video?

Highlight the strengths of Pi Kappa Alpha.

Consider this: “PIKE is the place where students become scholars, members become leaders, jocks become athletes, and young men become gentlemen.”

Your video should show how your chapter lives up to the transformation to scholars, leaders, athletes, and gentlemen.

  • Keep it brief. 2-3 minutes max.
  • Be classy. Use music that is uplifting. No profanity in lyrics. One f-bomb (or middle finger) in a video detracts from your image as gentlemen.
  • Use the current PIKE brand standards. (There’s no yellow in the coat of arms. Use garnet and old gold as your base colors.)
  • The Fraternity Standards apply to video as well. Don’t glorify alcohol, show drinking games, or anything alluding to drugs. If you want to do that, please tender your resignation
  • It’s better to show how you exemplify our ideals than it is to just say it. Limit talking introductions to 15 seconds max.

Three good examples

Below are three rush videos. Below each video are things the chapter did well and areas that could have been improved upon to make it even better.

Did your chapter make a rush video? Share the url in the comments below.

Eta Rho, Northern Kentucky

Eta Rho Chapter included high quality bid day and intramural footage, drone footage of campus, and ended with chapter specific statistics. Their transitions are clean.

Areas that could be improved upon:

The coat of arms in the bottom right corner of the video are off brand. (On brand logos can be downloaded here.)

While the use of intramural footage is great, this video is heavy in athletics and light on our other three pillars.

Alpha Tau, Utah

Alpha Tau Chapter used old footage at the beginning of their video with text highlighting Founder William Alexander’s words to build hype. They shared footage from inside their house, intramurals, and of brothers with PIKE flags. The chapter also has a really cool logo.

Areas that could be improved upon:

The Rush PIKE logo at the end is off brand, and there are red solo cups in all of the party scenes.

Mu Epsilon, California State-Fullerton

The beginning of this video is unique, then goes into a picture of chapter members in suits. Within the first 12 seconds, they’ve already presented a strong image of the chapter being gentlemen. They also shared footage from intramurals, a study session, and a sorority serenade, as well as general brotherhood footage. The video ends with strong chapter statistics. All of the logos used in this video are on brand.

Think you have a great recruitment video? Share the link in the comments below or email us at High quality videos will be shared on Pi Kappa Alpha social networks to highlight your chapter.