The Fraternity is the sum total of our member's experiences. With over 16,000 undergraduates and almost 219,000 living alumni - there are more Pike experiences than one person can capture.

So we need your help in capturing, sharing, and amplifying the things our members are doing that exemplify our values.
We want to know about the things you see a brother accomplish that make you proud. The things that highlight brotherly love and kind feeling with each other and in our communities. Success stories or maybe a program you implemented in your chapter or association that worked well. The only constraint is you feel the story or process is worth sharing.

This blog is one of the ways we intend to capture your story and amplify it. We hope to give you ideas, provide inspiration, or just make you think. If you feel inclined, leave a comment - we read them all.

Submissions - pretty easy stuff here, you can use the online form or just send us an email at - and include pictures. Please. You might even see us publish it on the website, in the Shield & Diamond (or both).

Submit your story or blog post here