How many guys does Kappa Zeta have on their Recruitment Committee?

We actually remodeled our whole committee organization this year. In year’s past we only had about 5 guys assigned to the Recruitment Committee – this year we had 22.

What were some of the differences in this year and last year in regards to recruitment?

We got an early start this year. Additionally, our whole alumni advisory board was revamped and I would attest that that trickled down to us and encouraged changes within our organization in the chapter. Matt Buckhalter from Florida State came up to host a recruitment workshop with our chapter which got us excited for the upcoming recruitment.

Going into the summer, we knew our assignments and roles which made it easier to execute. Although most of us left campus for summer break, we committed to keeping up communication through GroupMe, Facebook, etc. in order to keep each other accountable.

What was your most successful recruitment event and why?

Every year, we host a back to school event called the “Patriotic Party.” This semester, we decided to incorporate a community service event benefiting the Veteran’s Hospital. We rented a space for everyone to come out and make thank you cards and sign a huge banner that said “All Hands In” for the veterans. It was incredible to see potential New Members outside of the social scene and validate that they were interested in our chapter for more than just the social aspects.

We also made sure to take part in Move-In Day. Our brothers made a commitment to make relationships with quality freshmen and continue those friendships by keeping up with them. Whether through playing 2K, going to the gym with them, etc. our guys stuck with them

Elaborate on how your chapter overcame any recruitment challenges this year.

Apathy is a challenge we’ve faced heavily in the past. Apathy is hard to pinpoint but, I didn’t feel like we were discouraged this semester. There was a culture change within the guys. Everyone was all hands on deck to get out of their comfort zone and meet new guys.

This semester we decided to make attendance at our nightly recruitment meetings during Rush Week voluntary. It was a risk. Our executive board thought maybe 20% of our chapter would show up after making the change from mandatory attendance. However, that wasn’t the case at all. Each night throughout the week, we had full attendance from our chapter. There was an inner motivation to succeed as a team and our chapter rose to the occasion.

“As a senior, I’ve seen a lot of Rush Weeks go downhill. It feels incredible to see how far we’ve come.”

What would you say to your current Recruitment Chairman in regards to the success of this semester’s recruitment?

Our VP Recruitment chair, Daniel Bates-Osborne, did an extraordinary job. I’ve never met someone so full of life and so committed to recruiting the most, best men. He is such an incredible representation of what the Fraternity stands for: Scholars, Leaders, Athletes and Gentlemen. Furthermore, Daniel did a Co-Op program this summer so, the majority of the time he was delegating from out-of-town. It was encouraging to see him thrive and overcome adversity.

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