2021 Strategic Plan

The 2021 Strategic Plan guides International Fraternity operations and initiatives to ensure the continued success of Pi Kappa Alpha on our campuses and in our communities.

Strategic Plan Initiatives

Quality Growth

  • Market a membership experience that includes a values-based education, personal and professional development, and the opportunity to build a network
  • Actively support chapters to aggressively recruit high-quality members and to maintain a competitive performance level at new and existing chapters
  • Grow Pi Kappa Alpha’s footprint through a sound expansion strategy while sustaining it by measuring and improving upon both individual member and chapter experiences

Membership Development

  • Pi Kappa Alpha values the continuous development of all our members and will leverage all available resources to provide a relevant, meaningful and lifelong fraternal experience
  • Enrich PIKE University events & curriculum to reach a larger audience and produce a greater impact
  • Successfully redevelop the True PIKE Experience (TPE), including the technology platform, while integrating the Vision and Mission into all resources to increase usage and relevance

Chapter Support

  • Support chapters in achieving operational excellence through effective communication, resource quality and availability, and ongoing education
  • Modernize and enhance chapter and officer resources that adapt to the changing technological landscape
  • Improve Health & Safety of members and chapters by providing ongoing education and intervention strategies
  • Improve chapters’ ability to effectively self-govern through greater emphasis on individual accountability

Alumni Engagement

  • Cultivate, recruit, and develop volunteers to support the Mission of the Fraternity
  • Strengthen strategic communication channels among alumni to increase awareness and support of Pi Kappa Alpha and chapter initiatives
  • Strengthen the communication opportunities and engagement points between chapters and alumni
  • Expand the services and capacities of alumni associations to the benefit of Pi Kappa Alpha

Asset Development

  • Acquire, retain, and maintain competitive housing to drive chapter success and the PIKE brand
  • Upgrade capital & operational resources while ensuring the financial viability of the organization
  • Assist the PIKE Foundation in the fulfillment of its purposes
  • Invest in recruitment, training, and education for the professional staff

University / Community Relations

  • Strengthen the relationship of the International Fraternity, undergraduates and alumni with our host institutions, communities and supporters
  • Support institutions and their strategic goals through sustained meaningful engagement where purpose and objectives are aligned.
  • Encourage meaningful engagement in our higher education environment with parent groups, Greek organizations, and PIKE (alumni associations, house corporations) communities

For more information, contact Pi Kappa Alpha at (901) 748-1868 or pikeinfo@pikes.org.