Community Service & Philanthropy

Community Service and Philanthropy are major parts of Pi Kappa Alpha. Successful execution of these events fulfills our obligation to our community and demonstrates our brotherhood and love for our fellow man.
The Taylor Trudeau Cycle for Life

Within a chapter, Community Service and Philanthropy efforts are led by the Community Service Chairman. Normally a committee consisting of the Philanthropy Event Captain, Community Service Event Captain, supported by specific event captains executes the annual plan to support various causes.

Each chapter normally sponsors a philanthropic event and a community service event each year. Additionally, chapters support other fraternity, sorority, campus, and community events with manpower and fundraising.

The skills learned and good feeling generated as an undergraduate often lead to a lifetime of community service. Many philanthropists got their start while volunteering for their chapter.


The collective efforts across our chapters raised over $2.125 million and performed over 300,000 hours of community service. Philanthropy and community service reinforce our sense of community and serve as a force for good in our communities.

Preferred Philanthropic Partner

The Taylor Trudeau Cycle for Life established itself as a grassroots organization and currently is the philanthropy of choice for over 130 Pi Kappa Alpha chapters.

The Taylor Trudeau Cycle for Life was created in memory of a fallen Pi Kappa Alpha brother, Taylor Trudeau (New Hampshire, Gamma Mu '04). Taylor passed away in August 2008 after a year-long battle with Leukemia.

The Cycle for Life is a stationary cycling event that was founded by the brothers of the Gamma Mu Chapter at the University of New Hampshire. The first event was held shortly after Taylor’s death, and despite the last minute organization—the event raised $4,000. In the second year, the Cycle for Life raised $11,000, and at the third annual, held in November 2010, $16,000 was raised. All funds raised are donated directly to research.

Through the collective efforts of 70 chapters, $250,000 was donated the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. This directly funded research seeking to cure Leukemia. Most recently, a clinical trial supported by this research helped to save the life of a 20-year old young man. Additionally, in recognition of this grant, the pediatric oncology waiting room at MD Anderson Cancer Center is named, “The Pi Kappa Alpha Taylor Trudeau Cycle for Life Waiting Area".

For more information visit The Taylor Trudeau Cycle for Life.

You may also contact Leslie Trudeau, Taylor Trudeau Cycle for Life Chief Foundation Officer at (239) 246-5479 or via email at

For more information about the Taylor Trudeau Cycle for life, contact Leslie Trudeau, Chief Foundation Officer at (239) 246-5479 or