Chapter Consultants

Chapter Consultants provide onsite visits and leadership consulting services to all Pi Kappa Alpha chapters and colonies.
Pi Kapp Alpha Regional Map

Chapter Consultants advise undergraduates in all areas of Fraternity programming, to include specific emphasis on Health & Safety face-to-face training and discussions. Consultants maintain constant contact with chapter presidents and advisors and are the first point of contact for chapters to enlist the assistance of the International Fraternity. The impact of their efforts are highlighted below:

International Impact

  • Perform over 240 onsite visits annually to assess overall operational excellence and achieve 5% growth through the Fraternity’s Strategic Plan.
  • Provide an annual estimated 25 onsite visits specifically geared toward recruitment and development of membership, aiding in over 6,000 initiations from 2014-2015.
  • Management of a portfolio consisting of 17-28 chapters and providing consulting on topics including, but not limited to, finance, real estate, recruitment, health and safety, and operational management.
  • Financial consulting and advising for 226 individually unique budget systems.
  • Ensure collections of approximately $500,000 in accounts receivables within each of the 12 portfolios.
  • Assisting Chapter’s in philanthropic efforts, with a total of 300,000+ hours volunteered and $2,125,000+ raised among all 229 chapters and colonies in 2014-2015.
  • Consulting with chapters and housing corporations on future real estate efforts for the 143 chapters with property.
  • Facilitation at regional and national conferences, of which drew 3,600+ attendees in 2014-2015.
  • Representation of Pi Kappa Alpha’s 275,000+ members and 16,000+ undergraduate members.
  • Recruiting for the φφκα Club generating $64,000 in donations to the PIKE Foundation though 3100 students’ participation in 2014-2015. These donations benefit students in several ways, including underwriting scholarships for participation in PIKE University events.

Individual Chapter Impact

  • Providing a chapter specific developmental visit, that on average entails 72-120 hours of onsite advising, which can include 16 strategic goal setting meetings with the undergraduate leadership, two with alumni (chapter advisor and house corporation), and one with university administration.
  • Develop and maintain professional relationships with undergraduates, alumni, and university officials at each respective chapter.
  • Education of proper Health & Safety procedures.
  • Instilling the importance of sustaining an effective scholarship program to ensure academic accountability.
  • Promote university engagement through campus involvement, community service, and an effective public relations program.
  • Education and motivation for the chapter leadership and the full membership to ensure successful management of the fraternity.
  • Promotion of self governance and internal accountability.
  • Help to mitigate judicial issues through collaboration with university administration.
  • Aid in cultivation of alumni, and encouraging engagement with each undergraduate membership.
  • Sustain each individual chapter’s connection to the International Fraternity to ensure the necessary resources are provided and available.
  • Instill the values and positive traditions taught within Pi Kappa Alpha’s Ritual.

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