Zeta Tau Alumni Association Chartered

Charter Members of the Zeta Tau Alumni Association

Charter Members of the Zeta Tau Alumni Association

By Kurt Blosser (Eastern Kentucky, Zeta Tau '93), Zeta Tau Alumni Association Vice President

When the Chapter was disbanded at Eastern Kentucky University, the Zeta Tau Alumni Association held onto tradition. The annual golf scramble that honors Brother Mark Hamblin and benefits Big Brothers Big Sisters continued despite the closing. Outside of the tournaments the alumni were still active, but the connection was lost.

In the fall of 2015, we were given a second chance. We received news that Zeta Tau would recolonize in the fall 2016. Collectively, we decided to be a resource for the prospective colony members. This is something we had not experienced and now we have an opportunity to mold the future of this chapter. With the direction of Jake Vanderlugt, we were able to organize and be recognized as an official alumni association.

Our goal is to provide the new colony with support and guidance so they do not struggle the way we did as undergrads. Furthermore, we are in the process of raising funds for the chapter. Our hopes are to have enough to supply them with their entire first year assessments, fees, and ritual regalia so they can hit the ground running. When the time comes, we will then focus our efforts on building a fund for the housing association. We hope to assist them as EKU does not currently have Greek Housing.

On August 6th we will host the 15th annual golf scramble. At the event, we will initiate planning to arrange a substantial homecoming event this fall to incorporate the new colony. Additionally, we will host spring events at Keeneland Racetrack and a golf outing in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area. Momentum is high for the Zeta Tau AA. Now, we are charged with execution.

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