Tips for Completing the Year End Summary

Use a team approach to complete the Year End Summary on time.
year end summary

The Year End Summary submission is due May 1st.

Completing the Year End Summary Tips

The Awards Committee recommends that the chapter follow the simple tips listed below when completing the Year End Summary:

  • Meet the deadline! Applications are due on May 1st. Late submissions will not be considered for International Awards.
  • Read and follow the entire Year End Summary directions.
  • Be sure to have a realistic timeline of completion and delegate sections to appropriate officers and chairmen. If you spread out the work over a set amount of weeks as well as officers and chairmen, completion of the Year End Summary will be much easier.
  • Take pride in the chapter’s accomplishments and document all of the events and programs the chapter has participated during the year. Most common examples would be a one page summary for all major events, an excel spreadsheet showing all community service hours and philanthropy dollars raised, and rankings for all applicable areas (i.e. athletics, recruitment, GPA, etc.). Everything should be documented.
  • Answer the questions asked in the Year End Summary truthfully. Provide only relevant supporting documentation for the question that is posed.
  • Fill in the entire Year End Summary.

Use a team-based approach

The Year End Summary has four major sections: Membership, Operations, Brotherhood, and Leadership.

Within each section committee chairman should provide inputs to the secretary to complete that overall section.

A sample deadline for completion is below:

March 1st: Application Open – notify executive board and committee chairman of submission requirements

April 1st: Follow up with executive board and individual committee chairman on status of submission requirements

April 10th: Final submission by committee chairmen to executive board of requirements. Executive board review inputs for completeness and accuracy.

April 15th: Submit reports to Chapter President and Chapter Advisor for review

April 20th: Latest recommended date for data input to online application.

April 30th: Latest recommend date for Chapter President and Chapter Advisor to certify Year End Summary completion.

May 1st: Online application closes at Midnight Pacific time.

For more information contact the Pi Kappa Alpha Foundation at (901) 748-1948 or