Why I Volunteer for PIKE

Volunteers are critical to the success and relevance of our Fraternity. See and hear in their own words what their volunteer experience means to them.
National Volunteer Week

The esquire helment is symbolic of our volunteers.

(Tennessee, Zeta '65)

I volunteer because it is one small way that I can give back to repay Pi Kappa Alpha for all that I have gained from the relationships and experiences.

(Winthrop, Theta Sigma '94)

I volunteer because part of the Fraternity’s Creed affirms a commitment to serve my faith, my family, my community, my alma mater, and my Fraternity…these are lifelong commitments. It’s about serving others, giving back, and paying it forward.

(Toledo, Epsilon Epsilon '07)

I volunteer because this is my way of helping to shape a better tomorrow. Helping these young men learn to handle the diversity they will encounter after college is a skill that is not taught in the classroom and will help them navigate through life.

(Bradley, Delta Sigma '84)

I volunteer because after 32 years I am still learning something new every day.

(Utah, Alpha Tau '04)

I volunteer because I want to give back to the men that are fortunate to join Alpha Tau Chapter in hope that they will receive the same opportunity and have the same great experience that I did.”

(Louisiana-Monroe, Eta Omicron '94)

I volunteer because I truly want to give back and sow into the lives of our great young men in PIKE at ULM.

Philip Bennett (Rockhurst, Kappa Epsilon '08)

Kansas, Beta Gamma - Chapter Advisor

After graduating from Rockhurst University in the spring of 2011, where I joined the Kappa Epsilon Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha, I was itching for an opportunity to stay involved with the fraternity locally or internationally. While in graduate school at the University of Kansas, I had the opportunity to play a small part in the fraternity expansion process that the KU Greek Life office conducted. It was at that time when I became connected with Ben Boden and several others from the PIKE Memorial Headquarters staff. PIKE was selected to return to the KU campus in the fall of 2014, and I had the opportunity to step in as a member of the Alumni Advisory Board for the Beta Gamma colony. When the Chapter Advisor position opened up in the summer of 2015, I jumped at the opportunity to continue assisting the men of Beta Gamma as they pursued chartered chapter status. The Beta Gamma Chapter was installed on Saturday, April 30, 2016, and I couldn't be more proud of the growth I have seen in the men of Beta Gamma since they colonized on KU's campus in the fall of 2014. This continued growth and ongoing desire to succeed from the undergraduate membership is what keeps me engaged and involved with the chapter today. I hope to continue giving back to PIKE well into the future, as my membership in our great fraternity has given me more than I could ever imagine.

Buddy Heins (Tennessee, Zeta '79)

Housing Corporation President

Buddy Heins has been president of Zeta, Inc., the housing corporation of the PIKE Chapter at the University of Tennessee. We have been through a million dollar capital campaign and a million dollar renovation of the PIKE House that resulted in a larger chapter room, new and updated kitchen, life safety, electrical and plumbing improvements. The housing corporation has supported Zeta Chapter over the years and most recently played a significant role in establishing the Zeta Colony at the University of Tennessee Knoxville.

Volunteer Week 2016 Submissions

Howie Palmer (California State Polytechnic - Pomona, Kappa Psi ‘98)

Chapter Advisor - California State-Fullerton, Mu Epsilon Alumni Advisory Board

Jan Ennis

Jan Ennis (Richmond, Omicron ‘72)

President - Omicron Alumni Association

Omicron chapter lost it's charter and after many years apart, our classmates from the 70's reunited and decided to set up a formal alumni association. A core group of us worked closely with fraternity staff to get organized and I was elected to preside over the initial efforts.

While our undergraduate chapter on campus is currently silent, as brothers, we are highly committed to a continued physical presence through our functions and ultimately our charitable works.

I know that all of our executive team enjoys getting together and planning bigger and better group events. We are currently looking for new ways to make a difference in the community and to bring decades of our members together. We all volunteer because it brings us all back to the place it all started with us, as brothers.

Tony Mayne

MAJ Tony Mayne (Ohio State, Alpha Rho ‘95)

President - Alpha Rho Alumni Association

There is no doubt that fostering the development of our undergraduate brother provides the greatest return on investment to our communities. Early on after leaving the chapter it was hard to connect due to starting family and military service that included several deployments. My participation with PIKE was limited to annual donations.

Now as the alumni association president, I have the unique opportunity to link our alumni to the active chapter, providing leadership training and professional networking. Brothers of all generations want to see PIKE succeed and thrive at The Ohio State University. The active chapter's commitment to philanthropic endevours with the Ohio State and Nationwide Hospitals in Columbus signals to alumni that the chapter's core values are rooted in service. How can you not want to be a part of that?

I volunteer for PIKE because I alone cannot change the world, but together we can develop our leaders that can tackle the challenges of in our communities. That is an endeavor that is worth our time and resources.

Mark Marcus (Stetson, Delta Upsilon ‘14)

Chapter Advisor -Delta Upsilon Alumni Advisory Board

Joe Regner

Joe Regner (Gannon, Epsilon Upsilon ‘62)

Past President - Epsilon Upsilon Alumni Association

Once a PIKE, Always a PIKE! My involvement with the fraternity was one I will never forget. It was an opportunity for me to get involved with college life and to meet new friends. Friends I still have today some fifty years later.

Tom Econome

Tom Econome (California - Berkeley, Alpha Sigma ‘81)

President - Alpha Sigma Housing Corporation

My main reason is to give back in order to ensure the undergraduate legacy and all the benefits I received though my PIKE experience are perpetuated. I chose to volunteer at this time because it is the right time in my life (kids gone, my business doing well). I found that it is easy. It only takes a few hours a month, yet the impact to these young men is huge. We take for granted how all our experiences can help the next generation of Pikes.

Nat Mucha

Nat Mucha (Washington, Beta Beta ‘94)

Vice President - Lone Star Region

Shortly after relocating to Dallas, I reached out to the newly established PIKE colony at North Texas. I offered to help out any way that I could. My thought was that being new to the area it would give me an opportunity to get involved within my new community and be able to give back to PIKE after nearly 10 years of being away focusing on getting my career established.

That call turned into serving as co-chapter advisor as well as establishing and being actively involved with the housing corporation.

There are two great outcomes that I have enjoyed as a volunteer, especially volunteering at a chapter that was not my "home" chapter. The first is seeing the impact that I am able to have on the young men in the chapter. To see them grow from new members their freshman year to what they become after graduation is amazing. The second, is the new friends and brothers who I have grown with as alumni. It is like I am a member of a whole new pledge class.

I always felt that as an undergrad I got more from Pi Kappa Alpha than I ever put in. As an alumnus volunteer, that same statement is even more true.

Michael Kummerman

Michael Kummerman (California State - Northridge, Zeta Omicron ‘77)

AAB Health & Safety Advisor – Oregon State, Beta Nu Colony Alumni Advisory Board

In early 2009, I volunteered as an advisor to Gamma Pi at Oregon, which unfortunetly went silent a short time later. My son Jason is now one of the founding members of the Beta Nu Colony at Oregon State, and he will also take on an officer role in the colony.

I have always been drawn to volunteer and act as a mentor to young members. I have endeavored to impart some form of wisdom, knowledge and sound judgement for the active members of Pi Kappa Alpha.

I have had some very significant and impactful experiences that I hope I can share as a volunteer. My life after fraternity took an intriguing path in federal law enforcement. I recently retired after a 25 year career as Special Agent/Supervisory Special Agent in the FBI. Following my retirement in 2014, I wanted to find some time to give something back to Pi Kappa Alpha.

I have always felt deep in my heart that beyond financial giving, there could be no greater contribution and personal satisfaction with volunteering, than to provide some unsolicited guidance and direction to the men of PiKA, along with the core values of honor, love and truth.

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer (Adrian College, Zeta Lambda ‘66)

AAB Health & Safety Advisor -Zeta Lambda Alumni Advisory Board

I currently hold the title of Health & Safety Alumni Advisor appointed by the Zeta Lambda Chapter at Adrian College, Adrian, MI. Since my initiation 50 years ago as a founder of the chapter and being part of the chapter regaining it's charter after a 30 + year absence from the campus, I was also one of the closest alums being only 25 minutes away. As a commuter to school and for other reasons, I felt that I never brought to the chapter what I should have and maybe this was a way to make up for that lack of participation. Working with these young guys today has been a miraculous adventure. I never thought that I would have so many new friends and doing as many activities as I am at age 70!

So I guess I 'm doing this for myself, but at the same time perhaps assisting these amazing young men with a listening ear, giving advice, and having some input on planning helps provide a meaningful and safe college and fraternity experience. I truly love each and every one of them as a group and individually. The mutual respect and the expected ideals of being scholars, leaders, athletes, and gentlemen has made me a better PIKE and person and hopefully we are all accomplishing these goals together. It hasn't always been easy or without trials, but I wouldn't change a minute of any part of this journey. I thank God for the opportunity and the guys know that I pray for them every day!

Jim Franklin

Jim Franklin (Linfield College, Delta Rho ‘71)

President - Delta Rho House Corporation

In simple terms, my experience at Linfield College and Pi Kappa Alpha allowed me the opportunity to develop relationships with my fraternity brothers that I still maintain today. There was something very unique about the early 70's in terms of this group of guys from Delta Rho that still get together every year for Camp Delta Rho. This is our opportunity to continue to give back to to the chapter that was the foundation for our life long relationship. I now enjoy working with the young men and watching them progress through college and into their own careers.

Carter Briggs

Carter Briggs (Austin Peay State, Eta Tau ‘74)

Past President - Eta Tau Alumni Association

I enjoy the "Spirit of Brotherhood" of PIKE. It is rewarding to work with young men and to enable them to experience this "Spirit of Brotherhood" that I was so richly blessed in my collegiate days. I enjoy instilling "PIKE Pride" into young men. I enjoy watching them holding their heads high and wearing their letters with pride. It has been rewarding to re-energize Eta Tau and return her as the #1 Fraternity at Austin Peay State University. I've enjoyed making our PIKE alumni association the one every other Fraternity envies.

Joshua Ronk

Joshua Ronk (Virginia Commonwealth, Lambda Chi ‘10)

AAB Education Advisor - Lambda Chi Alumni Advisory Board

Shortly after graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University, I began volunteering for my chapter (Lambda Chi, VCU). I decided to advise new member and continuing education because it was my passion within the chapter. I truly believe that teaching new members about our history and values firmly cements them into becoming great brothers and alumni in the future. PIKE provided me with so much during my undergraduate years that I felt I had to give back. Since graduation, I've become a member of the chapter's housing corporation as well as worked with our alumni association to help re-engage other alumni from our chapter. I think it's important that we remember: "Once a PIKE, always a PIKE!"

Luke Cotton

Luke Cotton (Texas Tech, Epsilon Gamma ‘12)

Advisor - Epsilon Gamma Alumni Advisory Board

Living in Fort Worth while volunteering for my alma mater chapter in Lubbock presents a difficult geographical problem. So, while I cannot be there in person, I serve the chapter by advising them on their website & quarterly alumni newsletter. We have found that this support has been extremely successful and has lead to locating and engaging more PNMs and chapter alumni than ever in our past.

Being one of refounding fathers of Epsilon Gamma Chapter was one of my most rewarding life experiences. Shortly after graduation many of us realized two things 1.) The fraternal experience doesn't end at commencement 2.) We had been doing a poor job of engaging alumni and this must change. The latter has been the focus of my delightful post grad service thus far.

Serving as a volunteer for PIKE has given me an unique outlet for creativity and innovation that has transferred to my career. In my time as a volunteer I've been given enough autonomy with direction to impact significant change in our alumni relations. This has given me a true feeling of accomplishment and is what I hope all Pikes, in essence, seek.

Volunteering provides a hands on way of giving back to the organization that molded us from boys to men of integrity. I feel, as the first graduating class at our chapter, it's my duty to foster continuous improvement and the avoidance of past pitfalls. With the Epsilon Gamma Chapter, for mutual benefit and advancement of our interests for a brotherhood that I hold so highly in regard.

Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark (San Diego State, Delta Kappa ‘67)

Operations Advisor - Colony at San Diego State Alumni Advisory Board

I support PIKE because I believe our values and principles help shape our young men to be productive and successful citizens. As a volunteer, I am able to share a lifetime of brotherhood experiences that have endured for over 50 years!

Clark Jorgensen

Clark Jorgensen (California State - Sacramento, Theta Tau ‘0)

Chapter Advisor - Theta Tau Alumni Advisory Board

I volunteer for PIKE because I want to give back to an organization that gave everything to me. As an undergraduate during freshman orientation at Sacramento State, I went to all the activity booths looking to get involved on campus.

Fortunately, PIKEs were the representatives at the greek table and mentioned they hosted their fire fighters challenge for their philanthropy that benefited Shriners Hospital of Sacramento, the same hospital I was a patient at years ago. To be able to volunteer and support the young patients at Shriners Hospital, the same group of young patients I once was part of, was the most fulfilling moment in my life.

After initiation, I actively pursued the community service chairman position as I was passionate about the way Pikes got involved with our local community and wanted to continue to help Shriners Hospital of Sacramento.

Volunteering with PIKE also helped progress my career, as the experience and passion led to an opportunity where I became the Community Impact Coordinator for the Sacramento Kings, who also partner with Shriners Hospital during their Season of Giving campaign for the holidays.

In life, sometimes things can come full circle. For me, PIKE made everything possible by helping me become a better man professionally and personally. I continue to volunteer for PIKE as the Chapter Advisor for Sacramento State because I know I can still help these young gentlemen understand how to collectively build the "UNITY" in Community. 6 Started it. Over 270,000 follow it. I'll forever continue to live it.
Phi Phi K A

Robert Tkachick (Delaware, Delta Eta ‘75)

Vice President – Delaware Area Alumni Association

Treasurer – Delta Eta House Corporation

I was a founding member of the Delta Eta Chapter in 1975. I have served as an alumni association officer, house corporation officer and most importantly chapter advisor for multiple years. I learned so much and had experiences that I would never have had because of PiKA. I volunteer because I want to give those who follow me in the chapter the same OR BETTER opportunities. PiKA is one of the most life changing organizations available to undergraduates today and I will always remain active and support the chapter and fraternity in any way I can. Once a PIKE - ALWAYS a PIKE!

Larry Stoutman

Larry Stoumen (Emory, Beta Kappa ‘82)

President - Beta Kappa House Corporation

President - Beta Kappa Alumni Association

Advisor - Beta Kappa Alumni Advisory Board

I have been volunteering in one capacity or another since my graduation in 1984. Currently I serve as house corporation president, alumni association president, and as an advisor on the alumni advisory board. Each year I enjoy getting to know the chapter leaders and also hearing from alumni all over the country. One of the highlights for me is awarding an annual scholarship named in honor of David Chaikin, who lost his life in an air collision while serving in the US Navy. I am fortunate to count among my Pike mentors former Beta Kappa Chapter Advisors Earl Garrett, Mark Anderson, and Allen Groves; my big brother John Reisman and my best friend, classmate and former SMC, Ricky Mars.

To volunteer for Pi Kappa Alpha call 901-748-1868 x1112 or email volunteer @pikes.org