Why I Volunteer for PIKE

National Volunteer Week

The esquire helment is symbolic of our volunteers.

Volunteers are critical to the success and relevance of our Fraternity. See and hear in their own words what their volunteer experience means to them.

David M. Bornn


It has been an honor and privilege to be a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity for over 20 years. My experiences as an undergraduate and alumnus have significantly enhanced my personal and professional life and my Pike experience has been, and will continue to be, a pivotal part of my life.

Some of the best and most challenging memories as an undergrad was being a colony founding father, chartering a chapter and establishing a foundation of Pike in my local area. My fondest memory of course would be marrying our chapter dream girl! These milestones that I was able to accomplish were made possible through my relationship with Pi Kappa Alpha. My undergrad experiences challenged me to become the best leader, organizer and thinker that I could possibly be. Everything that I learned directly translated into my personal life making me a strong husband, father and gentleman. Professionally, my experiences assisted me in being a leader, mentor and coach to thousands of young men and women across the nation as a volunteer in the Boy Scouts of America, United Way, American Heritage Girls, Trail Life USA and as commissioned officer in our nations Armed Forces.

My Pike experience also provided me the foundation and confidence to start a national youth high adventure leadership and character organization in the United States that has over 30,000 youth members and 12,000 adult volunteers. The lessons learned in my positions in Pike have been quintessential to the overall success of the organizations I have touched and are a testament to the undergrad and alumni experiences available to all Pikes nationwide.

Since graduating, I have continued growing in Pi Kappa Alpha through my continued involvement as a chapter advisor, alumni advisory board member and alumni Association president. These experiences continue to greatly impact my life, and have given me amazing opportunities to give back to Pi Kappa Alpha in ways that are immeasurable. Through personal relationships with my fellow alumni, continued brotherhood as an alumni advisor to active chapters and continued support to our beloved Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity I have been blessed beyond measure and look forward to the future adventures that will come through service to our young men in Pi Kappa Alpha.

I continually strive to embody what it means to be a True PIKE, I live daily the values of our fraternity and I work to embody to the next generation of Pike brothers the richness that is available through continued Alumni service to our beloved Fraternity. I look forward to fellow-shipping and serving with my fellow brothers in the future and am truly honored to be a part of the 150 year legacy of the Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity.


"I want to nominate Tom Bazzano who has served as the chapter advisor over the past few years building up the Alumni Advisory Board, holding members accountable to keeping in contact with the chapter. He regularly makes the hour drive to attend chapter meetings, executive board meetings, etc. He also hosts all transition and goal setting retreats at his house. On top of being involved with the AAB, Tom has worked to restart our alumni association working with a close friend who is the president of the association.

Lastly, he has recovered $20,000 that was sitting in a bank account held by the chapters housing corporation that hasn't been active. His next task is to restart our Housing Corp. Tom is just overall an incredible and dedicated brother of Pi Kappa Alpha that has done so much for the Lambda Delta Chapter over the past few years. He is an incredible volunteer and if every chapter had men like Tom, we would dominate the fraternity world."

Samuel Bensley



Upon entrance into Alpha Psi Chapter, Samuel made a lasting impact by starting a non-profit charity called the Nicaragua project. This charity aims to collect sports equipment and then distribute it to the villages and hosting sports camps in the Nicaragua community. This charity has helped the chapter into becoming more active in the community and has been a humbling experience. Samuel has brought 25 brothers to Nicaragua since his campaign and it is only progressing. “I want to thank Samuel for all of his contributions and for changing the Alpha Psi’s Chapter outlook on life through his unconditional love for his community and brothers.”

David Collier



As the outgoing president of Zeta Theta Chapter housing corporation, David has been serving Pi Kappa Alpha for the last 45 years. Rather than just saying he helps Pikes, he does it without any need or desire for praise or awards. He has served on the executive level in the chapter, alumni association housing corporation, alumni association and as an advisor to the board. He counsels pledges, actives and alumni and works tirelessly to keep Greek Life relevant on campus. He encourages everyone he meets to be the best they can be.


The Colony at University of Kentucky wants to thank Wade Hall. Wade has led the chapter in many different ways when it comes to community service and he is always the first one to volunteer whenever an opportunity arises. His drive and dedication to serving the community and to Pi Kappa Alpha is spreading a positive throughout the area.


I volunteer because I want to give back to Pi Kappa Alpha all it has given to me. The early success of our chapter leaned heavily on the Smythe winning experience of a local alumnus. Our chapter used his experience and began to win awards. As soon as I graduated, I knew I wanted to give back in a similar way and then I started out as recruitment advisor. I wanted to continue the tradition of winning. The constant competition keeps our chapter striving to be the best in the classroom, on campus and in the community. I enjoy providing the chapter endless examples of alumni who have used the skills and lessons learned to mold themselves into tomorrow's future. There is no greater feeling than knowing you helped a young man reach a goal that was once a dream.


I've enjoyed serving as chapter advisor for the past six years. I can say without hesitation, leadership is the key ingredient to the success of your local chapter. There is no greater reward that you will receive than watching your Pike men learn to achieve excellence through teamwork and effort, and knowing you and your alumni brothers were part of that success.


"Jeff "Beaker" Port has been an immense resource for our chapter. Jeff is an alumni from our chapter who had recently been appointed as our alumni advisor and has taken a very active hand. Jeff regularly assists us in organizing special events and prepares food to serve at these events. These costs are out of his own pocket and from the bottom of his heart. Brother Port is also an active member on our housing corp board and makes sure to regularly keep in touch with any of the chapter's needs. Our chapter is changed for the better thanks to the volunteering of his services and we are immensely grateful."



I volunteer because after graduation I still wanted to play a major role with the chapter progression as one of the prominent organizations on campus. With my involvement at UT Arlington, I believed it was beneficial for my PIKE experience to continue and therefore building better young alumni. With the chapter being so young and youthful, I believe it was important for me to exercise my past experiences in a way that helped and guided new active members. Also, I believe it’s important to know where the chapter is headed, so being a part of the new member process has been rewarding. My first role as a PIKE volunteer was recruitment advisor.

Now, I’m currently the operations and education advisor for Eta Upsilon. My alumnus charge was a serious commitment that I took as a stepping stone for more PIKE experiences that I could gain. I still go to PIKE University to brush up on my skills as an advisor in order to help the chapter. I maintain my relationships with the university to create an overall chapter presence. I don’t consider my alumni experience as volunteer work. I believe it’s a blessing that I was able to continue on this journey with others. I will never forget “brotherly love and kind feeling.”



Mark Spotanski has been volunteering for Pi Kappa Alpha for nearly 15 years. He has served as chapter advisor for 11 years for Gamma Beta Chapter (Nebraska.) Thank a volunteer with the hashtag #PIKEVolunteer or at the link in our bio.

Bill Vogle



The Gamma Upsilon Chapter would like to use PIKE Volunteer Week to recognize the head of their housing corp and financial advisor, Bill Vogle. Bill has volunteered for their chapter and region for almost 30 years and continues to give back to Pi Kappa Alpha whenever asked. He recently won the Loyalty Award at the Academy in 2017. He is there to guide the chapter through thick and thin and is a resource they rely on for advice and a second opinion when an important decision is to be made. Gamma Upsilon would not be what it is today without him and they are grateful for everything he does and continues to do for them and the Fraternity.