PIKE Volunteer Week 2019

A Message from International President Mark Dziatczak to PIKE Volunteers

Mark Dziatczak

International President Mark Dziatczak

Being a member of Pi Kappa Alpha, just as it has for close to 300,000 of my brothers, was the best and most life-altering decision I have ever made. The experiences, the successes, and the failures made me stronger because Pi Kappa Alpha is a fraternal order of the highest quality.

I have served Pi Kappa Alpha simply so other PIKE brothers could experience the unique glory associated with the positive, transformational moments I enjoyed as an undergraduate. I have a debt to Pi Kappa Alpha that I will never be able to repay.

On behalf of the Supreme Council, I want to thank every single volunteer who is currently serving or who has served for Pi Kappa Alpha. Our organization’s richest assets are our members who give of their wisdom, time, and treasure to help our undergraduates develop into men who will answer the challenges of the 21st century.

Additionally, I’d like to challenge those brothers who feel a similar debt to Pi Kappa Alpha that I felt to act on that feeling and find ways to reconnect. On this page, you’ll find ways to get involved, and I hope, at the very least, you consider the opportunity to impact the future leaders of this country. The Fraternity needs and welcomes your support.

You can follow Mark on Twitter @PikePresident

To volunteer for Pi Kappa Alpha call 901-748-1868 x1112 or email volunteer@pikes.org