Statement in Response to Houston Indictment

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MEMPHIS, TN – The Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity learned yesterday of a grand jury indictment in Harris County, Texas, involving the International organization. Pi Kappa Alpha does not tolerate hazing, or any activities that do not treat individuals with dignity and respect. The hazing allegations outlined in the indictment occurred in the context of activities by members of the former Epsilon Eta Chapter; a separate, unincorporated association composed of adult male undergraduate students attending the University of Houston; not The Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity. After allegations of hazing by Epsilon Eta Chapter were received by the International Fraternity, the Fraternity responded swiftly and suspended the Chapter’s charter on August 2, 2017.

The acts by these former members and University of Houston students are appalling and have reflected poorly on Epsilon Eta Chapter, an organization with a proud 60-year history and over 1,100 alumni, and Pi Kappa Alpha. Moreover, the alleged activities are not part of any Ritual nor any other activity supported by the Fraternity.

The Harris County District Attorney’s recent decision to pursue a nonprofit corporation is a curious one. By doing so, instead of pursuing the responsible individuals which are known to the aggrieved party, it is indicting 14,000 undergraduate students and over 220,000 living members around the world. Those student and alumni members from college campuses throughout North America had no knowledge of, nor involvement in the claims outlined in this indictment.

Pi Kappa Alpha fully supports holding the guilty parties accountable in these matters. Should the district attorney wish to redirect focus on the individuals responsible for these deplorable actions, the International Fraternity stands willing to assist in that investigation by providing rosters and other useful information gleaned through its own fact-finding process into this matter. It is Pi Kappa Alpha’s position that individuals should be held responsible for the criminal act of hazing. This is a critical step in addressing the issues not only in Houston, but in student organizations throughout the country. The responsible persons in this case, who clearly knew the difference between right and wrong, are merely trying to shirk their personal responsibility by hiding behind an organization, which is now defunct as a result of their actions.


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