Response to Houston Outcome

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MEMPHIS, TN– The Fraternity was pleased to learn the criminal indictment against the International Fraternity was dismissed by Judge Kelley Andrews, Presiding Judge of County Criminal Court at Law No. 6 of Harris County, for its unconstitutional failure to allege an offense.

It is the Fraternity’s position that individual perpetrators of hazing should be charged with these crimes. However, the Fraternity is sympathetic to the citizens of Harris County and the DA’s Office specifically, as several of the former members provided misinformation to law enforcement authorities and encouraged other members not to cooperate with the police, making their job of deriving the truth far more difficult.

The International Fraternity, which represents thousands of students across North America who had nothing to do with this incident and had no knowledge these activities were occurring, moved to immediately suspend the former chapter at Houston once it was informed. Further, undergraduate delegates of the other Pi Kappa Alpha Chapters voted unanimously to revoke the charter of Epsilon Eta Chapter upon learning of these activities.

In light of the fact that there is still civil litigation pending, the Fraternity plans to direct its focus on the former members responsible for this action and is contemplating filing cross-complaints and pursuing separate legal action as may be appropriate. In addition to the suspension of their individual memberships in Pi Kappa Alpha, the Fraternity remains committed to holding these men responsible for their actions.


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